‘I choose me and why you should choose yourself’

I found this post on Tiny Buddha. The author, Amaya Pryce, talks about making choices for yourself and doing what is best for you. This resonated with me a bit and some of the decisions I’ve been making – and disconnecting with certain people that I should have cut ties with a long time ago.

From the post:
Choosing yourself is the only way to thrive in the world. You can only know yourself and your own reactions, so this is the only truly accurate compass you will ever have. You can’t steer by what other people want or need, and it will make you crazy trying to figure out what that is anyway.

Learn to check in with yourself. Yes, it takes some practice. Yes, it will feel scary at first. Yes, you will get some things “wrong.” This isn’t the same as following hunches or even gut reactions. It’s a much deeper and richer process of learning to know yourself, becoming familiar with how your body reacts, and then learning to trust what it tells you.

And then, most important of all, choosing yourself first.

Make a commitment to love and trust yourself above all others. You will never be sorry for this, ever. Even when it seems like your choice might hurt another. Every one of the choices I made in my life in order to avoid hurting someone has ended up hurting them (and me) more in the long run. You can’t know what is best for someone else, only for you. Choose you.

To read the rest of the post, follow the link.


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