Alman’s scrambled thoughts on Game 7


I’d like to sit there and write a sonnet on how great the World Series between the Indians and the Cubs was – and it certainly deserves it – but I’ll be honest and say that I only caught bits and pieces of the first six games but managed to tune into Game 7. If you’re looking or a play-by-play recap, this is probably not the place for it.

To say Game 7 of the World Series was a great game is probably an understatement. I think it will not only go down as monumental for the Chicago Cubs, one of the biggest moments in Major League history, but perhaps American culture as well.

To be honest, I think last night was something baseball needed. I’m a fan as are many folks I know, but I’ll admit the sport’s popularity has dropped in the last few years.

There are rules in baseball that need to be changed – like every sport – but I also think it comes down to people putting aside some time and setting down their phones to actually enjoy what the game has to offer … or if you are busy and have work to do – or if you’re like me and you’re playing World of Warcraft – listen to the radio.

Aside from the cultural impact of the game, there were many highlights – the aggressive baserunning from both teams, Rajai Davis’ two-run home run in the eighth inning to tie the game. Chicago taking back the lead in the 10th inning.

It was a fantastic game to end a great series. That’s all I really want to say for the moment.



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