New Year’s Eve with my Impossible Girl

Alola WordPress, it’s been awhile since I’ve last posted on here. So I guess I’ll start off with how I rang in the new year with one of my favorite people on the planet, Jasmine or as some people call her Yatzi. I sometimes call her “My Impossible Girl.”
You’ll get the reference if you watched season seven of Doctor Who. If you haven’t seen that era of the show, you should go watch it. I’ll wait.
Jasmine and I are friends from college who worked on a couple of newspapers together – she was my staff reporter for the feature sections at both Spokane Falls Community College’s The Communicator and Eastern Washington University’s The Easterner. We worked well together and bonded over our love of different fandoms, including Pokemon. We’ve both graduated and work separate jobs, so it’s a little difficult to coordinate schedules, but that’s part of being an adult.
We’ll hang out occasionally at holiday events and local pubs, enjoying brews and each other’s company. But New Year’s Eve was special for me.
At first, it wasn’t much different than when we usually hang out – we had dinner at the Lantern Tap House, shared a drink at The Revolver and went to O’Dohtery’s Irish Grille where we spent most of the evening watching the snow and fireworks, sipping on whiskey drinks and waiting to wish 2016 a good old fashioned “Thanks for staying, now get the f*** out., we’ve got 2017 coming over.”
I always enjoying hanging with Jasmine, not only because we have lots in common, but also I can be myself when I’m around her. She’s also someone who sees me for who I am, and how I’d like my older friends to see me.
I love my old roommates and friends, but they still see me as “the guy who worked at McDonalds for 10 years.” It’s the most obvious when people refer to me as Allen instead of Al. Allen was the one who worked at McDonalds for 10 years, liked to go crazy when we went out to drink and had aspirations to be a writer but wasn’t really going anywhere. Jasmine has seen my progress and triumphs, and knows who I want to become.
There were two things that really stood out on New Year’s was when Jasmine told me how she saw me as a mentor. This meant a lot because I was told by an old friend – not in a negative way – that I wasn’t “leader material” and that seemed to put a chip on my shoulder. Jasmine, who also works in retail, told me how nice it was to be able to relate to me on a different level, seeing as we’ve dealt with our fair share of horrible customers.
But while I can be myself around her, she – at the risk of sounding like Jack Nicholson from “As Good As It Gets,” she makes me want to be a better person. Or, I want to be a better person because of her and I think we need friends like that. We need people who can inspire us to better ourselves and want to make the world a better place.
2016 had it’s terrible moments, but it was nice to end year on such a great note and I hope I get to add more fun memories with Jasmine – and others – this year.

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