Portland Pikachus won consolation bracket

The Portland Pikachus fantasy football team wrapped up their season this past week by winning the league (Yahoo Public 914427) consolation bracket after their 133.58-115.90 win over Lawrence’s Team.
The Pikachus had a rough start to the season, winning only three of their first five games. Their fortunes turned around after Week 12 and they went on a five-game winning streak.
Quarterbacks Jameis Winston was the team’s MVP, racking up 263.22 points. Carson Palmer  finished with 235.92 points. The two would trade the starting quarterback role throughout the season.
Running back Le’Veon Bell led the team’s ground attack, accumulating 242.20 points. Bell was suspended for four games after violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He played his first game on Oct. 2 where he had 18 carries, 144 rushing yards, 5 catches, and 34 receiving yards.
Antonio Brown (201.30) and Brandin Crooks (166.40) shined on the receiver corps. Also breaking the 100 mark on offense were running back Carlos Hyde (165.10), tight end Travis Kelce (137.20) and receiver Marvin Jones Jr. (109.70).
Kicker Stephen Gostkowski finished 130 points, making 43 field goals – his longest was 53 yards.
Both the Pikcahus’ primary defense (New England – 124) and secondary defense (Buffalo – 104) broke 100 points.

It wasn’t a bad season for the Pikachus, but I could have done some things to make the year a little better – such as trading players. Oh well, there’s always next year.


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