Poke Post: Pokemon life lessons with Richard Sherman, Johnny Hekker

Although Rams punter Johnny Hekker and Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman will be on opposite sides of the football, there is one thing both players can agree upon – Pokemon.

The Pokemon Company dropped this video of Hekker and Sherman reflecting on what Pokemon has taught them. Some of the lessons include training hard, being adventurous, exploring new places and not judging others by their shape, size or color of their skin.

Both Hekker and Sherman are Pokemon fans as evidenced by these tweets below.



//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsOne of the things I love about Pokemon is how it bring people together. I was telling my friend Drew about my plot to interview Sherman – which consists of challenging and defeating the cornerback in a Pokemon battle – and he noted how many of these professional athletes who are in their prime probably played Pokemon in their youth. 

Pokemon isn’t only about an adventure. There’s the competitive aspect of the game where you train your team of Pokemon and do battle. I’ve equated that aspect of the game to mixed martial arts but it could be used for football as well – there was that Pokemon commercial in last year’s Super Bowl.

I think one of my goals with this blog will be to interview different Pokemon fans – from famous athletes and actors to kids who live down the street – and ask them what they love about the franchise. 

On a different note, my Portland Pikachus fantasy football team is on a three-game winning streak and has a good chance to win the consolation playoffs. 

Train on. 


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