Al competes in the EWU Pokemon TCG tourney

A few months ago I competed in my first EWU Pokemon VCG tournament, going 1-2 – so I thought I would try my hand at a TCG tournament.

While I’ve been playing the TCG online, I haven’t actually played the card game in years. For this tournament I used the Trainer’s Kit with Pikachu Libre and Suicine, which I would equate to when Smalls used his toy glove in “The Sandlot.”

I played three games – losing all three – but in the first two I managed to knock out one of my opponent’s Pokemon, which is a little reassuring. The first match was against a player who has competed in the national tournament, which I’ll admit was a little intimidating. Afterwards he gave me some trainer cards, which I appreciated. One thing I like about the Pokemon fandom is that it’s one of the nicest fan communities out there.

Playing last night reminded me a bit of when I used to play YuGiOh in high school. I started with a weaker deck and built it after spending money – too much probably – on booster packs.

Right now I want to build a deck that focuses on Pikachu. I’ll probably buy a couple of EX lightning types. I’m still trying to think of another type to supplement my deck, but we’ll see. I’ll probably go with Greninja – Ash Greninja.

Last night’s tournament was fun and I plan on attending more EWU Pokemon events this year.


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