Fight Theater: Elimination Chamber 2009 World title match

As we gear up for Smackdown Live’s Elmination Chamber in a couple of weeks, WWE’s Youtube page has been uploading some previous chamber matches. This one is from 2009 that features John Cena defending his title against Mike Knox, Chris Jericho, Kane, Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston … until Edge came in, knocked out Kingston and took his spot.

Aside from Edge’s surprise, it was a typical chamber match with some good moments. I was a little sad to see Kofi getting taken out of the match and not get the opportunity to wrestle for a world championship. Kofi is a great worker, but not quite there in the eyes of the WWE brass. Fortunately he found a couple of kindred spirits in Xavier Woods and Big E to form the New Day and has become WWE’s top tag team in the last 10 years.

In general it’s great to see all of the talent in this one match. Edge is retired and enjoying the fruits of life, Jericho is in the middle of what has been a fantastic run with Kevin Owens and recently captured the United States championship. Cena is basically a part-timer and I think his career is winding down. I’m a big John Cena fan, but I also want him to be happy and go out on his terms.

Mysterio is killing it on the Indies. His match with Prince Puma was great and I’d love to see him tear it up with the likes of King Ricochet and Will Ospreay. I also think guys like Kota Ibushi and Kushida could give Mysterio a great match.

I don’t want to leave out Kane or Knox. Knox had a decent run in Impact Wrestling/TNA or whatever they want to call it. Kane has been a stalwart of WWE for over 17 years and has made a great career for himself. Personally, my favorite Kane incarnation is Corporate Kane. It’s silly, but I love the silly gimmicks.

From here, Edge would go on to defend the world title at Wrestlemania 25 in a triple threat match against Big Show and Cena. That match included some killer moments, along with Cena’s entrance and Cena AA’ing Show and Edge.


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