Poke Post: Pokemon Hunting on President’s Day


Tonight I went out and did some Pokemon hunting around the Eastern Washington University campus. I’ve said this before, but one of the cool things about living near a university is that there are plenty of Pokestops.

After the recent Pokemon Go update, it looks like many of the Pokemon that spawn near EWU include Spinarak and Hoothoot – both of which I love, Sentret, Snubbull and Murkrow. I also found a Cyndaquil a couple of days ago.

Sunkern 24
Sentret 308
Gastly 294
Murkrow 18
Eevee 333
Snubbull 164
Sentret 231
Spinarak 234
Spinarak 128
Snubbull 251
Sentret 281
Eevee 473
Sentret 262
Sentret 63
Hoothoot 217
Venonat 288
Sentret 284
Hoothoot 215


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