Poke Post: Pokemon hunting on the birthday

I’ve been out of the office this week, doing birthday stuff and getting plenty of rest away from the newspaper. One of the things I did for my birthday on Wednesday was spend a couple of hours playing Pokemon Go at Manito Park in Spokane.

I’ve found Pokemon in downtown Spokane on numerous bar nights and festival trips, but I hadn’t gone Pokemon hunting in Manito Park – or really thought about doing it – until my friend Jas told me about some of the Pocket Monsters she caught in the area. She also told me about a couple of hot spots in Spokane, which I plan to visit during the summer. This was also a good way to catch some Pokemon after a long, snowy winter indoors. The combination of freezing temperatures and snow covering the ground contributed to a lack of Pokemon hunting on my part.

After capturing some Pokemon in downtown Spokane, including a Cyndaquil I plan to evolve to a Quailava, I ventured to Manito Park and started hunting Omynatie near the lake. At one point I was surrounded by three of the Pokemon and I caught most of them, including Ripley here, who is my top pick to evolve into Omanyte.

There were other Pokemon in the area as well including Natu and Spinarak, which I have seen all over Cheney. A couple of other Pokemon that excited me were Giriafang, Psyduck and Dunsparce – which made me feel like Ash Ketchum except he never captured a Dunsparce.


It was a fun day and a good way to get closer to my goal of 1,000 Pokemon in 2017.

Here is a list Pokemon I found on my birthday. Most of them were ones I captured at Manito Park, but there were some I caught in downtown Spokane before and after my trip to Manito.

Eevee (INB) 208
Snubbull (Alexa Bliss) 130
Dunsparce (Cozza) 64
Cyndaquil (El Corazon) 470
Snubbull (Maab) 256
Snubbull 400
Nidoran F 422
Senteret 78
Eevee 59
Omnanyte 745
Omnanyte 448
Omnanyte 344
Natu 245
Hoothoot 244
Omnanyte (Ripley) 853
Omnanyte 175
Natu 206
Natu 234
Natu 398
Clefairy 654
Nidoran M 86
Psyduck 412
Oddish (Manito) 556
Sandshrew (Sandy)543
Spinarak 220
Clefairy 224
Pikachu 300
Venonat 430
Hoothoot (Wings) 371
Spinarak 262
Growlithe 206
Sentret 40
Hoothoot 319
Spinarak 275
Eevee 138
Snubbull 104
Pidgey 277
Natu 37
Nidoran F 10
Nidoran F 404
Sentret 240
Girafarig 23
Eevee 554


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