Poke Post: Pokemon Hunting on St. Patrick’s Day

I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick’s Day – if celebrate it that is. I had a good evening filled with fun, friends some consumption of adult beverages. Before I ventured out to the pubs, I played a little bit of Pokemon Go and caught some Pokemon.

Whenever I hunt for Pokemon on holidays, I try and come up with a theme. This time it was nicknaming every Pokemon I caught after something Irish.

In many cases, I named Pokemon after famous people – like the first Mankey I caught and I named it after Katie Taylor (Katie To.) or an Eevee who became Sheamus, after the WWE superstar.

Others I went the beer route. I named a Xatu after Guinness and a Swinub after Harp.


Most of the Pokemon I caught were before I went out, but there were some I caught in the pub. Of course I didn’t venture out to catch Pokemon after I drank. That’s not a good idea – at all.

It was a short, but fun day of Pokemon catching. Right now I’m at 464 of my goal to catch 1,000 Pokemon in 2017.

Here’s a full list of Pokemon I caught on St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Rhyhorn (Mickey) 321
  • Venonat (McGladden) 227
  • Rattata (Mick) 49
  • Mankey (Katie To.) 361
  • Swinub (Mcmanus) 89
  • Snubbull (Bono) 137
  • Natu (Pint) 35
  • Flareon (Sheamus) 1,614 Evolved from Eevee
  • Mankey (Aidan) 398
  • Swinub (Harp) 337
  • Eevee (Finnigan) 258
  • Xatu (Guinness) 979
  • Primeape (Morgan) 988 Evolved from Primeage
  • Spinarak (Wee Web) 43
  • Sentret (Ballor) 108
  • Geodude (Blarney) 548
  • Makney (Aisling) 420
  • Zubat (Duffy) 197

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