Trainer’s Journal: Pokemon Go Adventure Week Was a Success

Alola trainers, another Pokemon Go event has passed – the game wrapped its “Adventure Week” last Thursday. It was similar to the game’s water and grass events where rock Pokemon spawns increased in different areas.

I’ve lamented how cool these types of events are for trainers and this was pretty good. In my town of Cheney, Wash., I came across many Omanyte, which I hadn’t seen a lot in Spokane except at Manito Park back in March. During the week, I caught enough Omanyte to evolve Ripley – named after Ellen Ripley – into Omastar.

I also caught enough Geodude to evolve Graveler into Golem. I also managed to catch Kabuto and evolve it into Kabutops and Magcargo. Below are the numbers of actual rock Pokemon I caught.

10 – Omanyte

9 – Geodude

6 – Kabuto

1 – Magcargo

4 – Slugma – its base form is classified as a fire, but its evolved form Magcargo is rock/fire

I also caught one Magcargo, Rhyhorn, Shuckle, Onix, Zubat and Sudowoodo.

The benefits of Adventure Week wasn’t all about rock Pokemon. Those with their walking buddies were able to acquire candy while only traveling one-third of the distance. This helped me as I was able to get enough candy with my walking buddy Poliwhirl and evolve it into a Politoed. I changed buddies a couple of times, evolving Tyrogue into Hitmochan and Haunter into Gengar.

I’ve said this before, but what’s cool Pokemon Go’s past events is trainers get an opportunity to catch Pokemon they normally don’t encounter in the wild. There’s rumbling about big updates coming up with Pokemon Go, and I’m excited, but I also hope we see more events like Adventure Week in the next few months.

With summer coming up, there’s an opportunity for a special event where more fire type Pokemon are encountered – or they could do more water types because summer is associated with pools and going to the lake.

Although it would be cool to see a Dragon event – even though there’s only three Dragon-type Pokemon right now in Pokemon Go.

Trainers, what Pokemon did you catch during Adventure Week? Have you kept and evolved any since then? Leave a comment below.


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