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Begin each day with optimism

Sometimes all it takes is a small action to lighten someone’s burden or brighten someone’s world

Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles

Fight Theater: Giant Bomb’s DAN RYCKERT vs. AUSTIN CREED

A rematch years in the making comes to fruition as UpUpDownDown host Austin Creed throws down with Giant Bomb’s Dan Ryckert in Soul Calibur with a giant cup filled with pickle juice on the line! Will Creed outwit his nemesis and avenge his mayo-covered hot dog punishment from nearly two years ago?

Soul Calibur came out in 1999, yet it still holds up today. It’s one of my favorite fighting games – and fighting franchises.

Kind words cost nothing

WWE 2K18 Exclusive – AJ Styles vs. Shawn Michaels – WWE 2K18 Dream Matches

The Phenomenal One. The Heartbreak Kid. The high-flying AJ Styles takes on Mr. WrestleMania in a match the WWE Universe would be clamoring for! While fans will never get to see his match in real life, it’s cool to see it in video game form.