Meet Gridiron Strong Style

This is the second of my fantasy football teams – Gridiron Strong Style. The league is on and is run by my stepdad/mother’s ex-husband. My brother-in-law is part of this league too.

I’ve got a pretty stacked offense, especially in the running game. I’m stoked to get Michael Crabtree and Demaryius Thomas as wide receivers.

Then there’s Stephen Gostkowski, who has been on my kicker on different teams for the last three seasons.

This will be my first time in a fantasy league with family, though I’ve been in fantasy leagues with friends who brought their relatives in the fold and there was a bit of drama. And while there’s no money in this league, I’m hoping to go far, or at least beat my stepdad in a game or two.

Drew Brees
Tyrod Taylor

Running Backs
LeSean McCoy
Devonta Freeman
Lamar Miller
Doug Martin
Paul Perkins

Wide Receiver
Michael Crabtree
Demaryius Thomas
Davante Adams
Kenny Britt
John Brown

Tight End
Kyle Rudolph

Stephen Gostkowski

New York Giants


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