The Draenei and the Wolf

I’ve been getting back into writing fiction lately, mainly fanfiction. As I play World of Warcraft, I get that urge to write stories about my characters.

This story is about my draenei hunter Florinn and his wolf, Al’i – formerly Lanseril – and how they first met. This isn’t how hunter characters get their pets in the game – they start out with their animals at level 1. Before Warcraft’s Cataclysm, hunters had to wait until level 10 to acquire their pet. I wanted to make Florinn and Al’i’s meeting different from the game.

The Lanseril and Florinn names were inspired from the Forgotten Realms’ Knights of Myth Drannor characters. I changed the name to Al’i because I wanted to have something a little more original. Al’i comes from Muhammad Ali – and there are a few boxing references in this story.

This story isn’t too long in length, but it does have action. Below is a sample from the story.

Florinn took a deep breath as he aimed his crossbow at the glass bottle on the tree stump. After exhaling, he released the trigger and watched as the bolt flew from his crossbow and knocked the bottle off the stump.

As he walked toward the fallen beer bottles, a bear leapt from the nearby bushes and pounced on the pile of bottles littering the snow. The draenei stared at the animal for a moment and reached out to pet it when he heard a grizzled voice shout from over his shoulder “That’s enough Bru.”

The bear gave Florinn a smirk, then trotted back to his dwarven master three feet away. Florinn waved at the dwarf before retrieving his bottles and placing them in his bag.

Carrying his bag of bottles and crossbow over his shoulder, Florinn made his journey back to the Sweet Suds Brewhall. He smiled at the sound of his hooves crunching in the snow and the brisk air brushing against his blue skin and short spiky black hair. The draenei had spent the several days in Dun Morogh, staying at the brewhall.

Dun Morogh was a refreshing change for the draenei. Although his home was in Azuremyst Isle, Florinn enjoyed the snowy hills, the animals and landscape. He also found himself enjoying the company of the dwarven people, and the way their beer was an interesting contrast to the elven wine and alcohol he drank back home. His parents back home had given him their blessing to leave the Exodar and explore Azeroth.

Florinn entered the brewhall and found the seat at his usual table under the several pictures of boxers that decorated the walls.

Vera the bartender came over and handed him his usual pint of stout before returning to the counter. He sipped his brew as he heard a group of adventurers from the back of the brewhall, discussing their encounter with a group of wendigo.

During target practice two days ago, Florinn had helped this group days earlier fend off a group of troggs that attacked them. Although the group expressed their gratitude to him, Florinn never worked up the courage to sit with them later that evening, mainly because they never asked him. He always been shy, ever since he was a child. Although he rarely talked to anyone, the idea of walking into a situation uninvited and being rejected kept him at a distance.

The draenei’s nose picked a hint of hops, signaling the arrival of one of the few friends Florinn made during his time in Dun Morogh, the brewmaster Malgin Barleybrew.

Two days into Florinn’s stay at the brewhall, Malgin introduced himself to Florinn and shared a conversation and beer with the draenei. They bonded over their mutual love of alcohol and boxing. Florinn revealed to the dwarf he had taken boxing lessons when he was a child, before he and his family left for Azeroth. Malgin had been a boxer before becoming a brewmaster.

The dwarf took a chair next to Florinn and wiped his brow. “Another day of brewing makes the throat thirsty,” Malgin rattled off, putting a pint in front of Florinn. The draenei swigged the brew and twitched as the malty flavor hit his lips.

“We’re brewing Rhapsody Pale Ale,” Malgin said, noticing the absent look on Florinn’s face, then noticed the table of adventurers. “You need to make more friends lad.”

Florinn shrugged and sipped his ale once more. Malgin sighed and drank his beer before asking “Have you even found a pet?”

The draenei shook his head. “I met a bear after I finished target practice, but it already had a master.”

Malgin shook his head again. “These things take time. I’m sure you’ll find a companion.” The draenei nodded before finishing his stout. The dwarf was about to order another ale as Vera returned to the table,” Before you drink too much, we need some more firewood.”

To read the story, follow the link.


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