More Pokemon un Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

During the latest Nintendo Direct stream, trainers received a glimpse of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which hits shelves and digital download on Nintendo’s E-Shop in November. It’s a sequel of Pokemon Sun and Moon, which came out last year and received praise from numerous Pokemon fans, including myself.

I’ll put it on front street and say that I liked what I saw from the trailer. Apparently, the story is Necrozma captures and fuses with Songaleo and Lunala – for what reason we’re not sure. Most people believe the game takes place in an alternate reality because we see Lusamine with our characters, though I wonder if it’s her daughter Lillie grown up or she’s at least aged a few years. I kind of wanted it to be Necrozma forming a Bullet Club-type stable with the other two legendary Pokemon, but that’s just me.

I enjoyed the story from Sun/Moon and thought that even without the Pokemon element it was a solid JRPG that reminded me a little bit of Earthbound. But where Pokemon Sun and Moon’s story was bright and positive, this one appears to be a bit darker.

The Rockruff trainers will receive for pre-ordering has a couple of unique moves and Lycanroc’s dusk form and signature Z move look pretty cool. Rockruff is one of my favorite Alola Pokemon and I’m more than willing to add it to the other two Lycanrocs. This was something Pokemon Sun and Moon did when trainers received Munchlax for ordering the game early. Munchlax, who I nicknamed Bubba Ray and later evolved into Snorlax became a staple of my Pokemon Sun team.

The new Ultra Beasts look interesting as well. Assembly looks like a pyramid while Burst kind of reminds me of a lollipop. Ultra Beasts are kind of hit and miss for me – there are some I like and some I don’t. Burst is probably one I’ll capture and use on my team – and I’ll name it Disco Stu.

I’m looking forward to Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon coming out in November. I’m still wrestling on whether or not I want to download Pokemon Gold or Silver, which comes out for the 3DS on Tuesday.


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