My first Lind-Ritzville/Sprague home football game

Last night I attended my first Lind-Ritzville/Sprague home football game last night. The Broncos lost to Northwest Christian, 24-18, in overtime. LR has a solid offense, particularly their running game, but NWC was able to capitalize on a few key mistakes. That’s high school football. And while the Broncos lost, it wasn’t the ass-kicking my editor or I expected before the game.

The atmosphere was fun as well. It was great seeing people come out and cheer the Broncos. While it was mostly parents and students in the stands and on the sidelines, I noticed a few local business owners and city employees. It harkened back to covering Cheney and Wolf Point High School football games.

There’s nothing like going to home football games – or volleyball matches and cross country meets if you’re not a fan of the gridiron. People come out and support the local team. Even folks who aren’t necessarily sports fans will attend a game to cheer on their friends or perform during halftime.

There is some drama that comes at football games, usually a parent or two who trade town gossip, or someone who quietly criticizes the coaching staff for running a play. For me, one of the irritating aspects of a home football game are those sideline coaches who will criticize a player, the team or coaches. My philosophy is don’t let it ruin the game. I’ll usually move to a different spot or grab confessions.

I’ve said this before, but if you have the opportunity to attend a high school fall sporting event, go for it.


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