Coming out day

For my friendos, fight fans and other folks who came out today or have done so in the past, I just want to say you are awesome, I am proud of you and I love you.

To parents who have children who have or haven’t come out, let them know you support them. The world is a mean, scary place right now and some of the most despicable people whose hate runs deep have the loudest voices. Letting your kids know how much you love and support them will be a benefit to them. The same goes for people who have friends and/or siblings who have come out.

If you haven’t come out and need that extra bit of courage, know that there are people who love you and will support you. However, when you make the decision to come out and tell everyone, make sure it’s when you want to do it, not when everyone wants to do.

We’re here to listen when you are ready.


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