Final episode of FUN/WGPW

This is part two of Steve and Larson’s send off of their WWE 2k17 playthrough. On this episode of FUN/WPGW, all titles are on the line.

The Empire of Pain defends their tag titles against Club Hoss in a rematch. This has been a fun rivalry to watch. The Empire of Pain was Larson’s first pick in the draft and they’ve been stars ever since.

Ms Fear defends her World’s Best title against Victoria Dayne. It was a brutal match that led to a great finish.

The Undead Managerial Supervisor challenges Captain FUN Wrestling for the Larson Libre title. This was a great sendoff for Ulysses, whose character looks kind of like Jimmy Jacobs.

Boss Hoss defends both his World’s Best title and Top Notch Superbelt against an old foe. Of all of the characters introduced in WSTEVEW and FUN Wrestling, Boss Hoss was the one who was there from the beginning. He had success in FUN Wrestling, then jumped to WSTEVEW before returning to his original home.

This episode is a great way to say goodbye to our favorite Friendo Unified Championship wrestling stars who fans have grown to love in the last year.

I didn’t say this when I posted the WSTEVEW finale, but it’s been fun watching Steve and Larson’s various playthroughs. They’ve made me laugh and helped pass the time during cold winter days. I also love how they built their promotions around characters submitted by their fans.

WSTEVEW and FUN Wrestling have also inspired me to think a little bit outside of the box when it comes to creating wrestlers, which I plan on doing when I buy WWE 2K18 for the Nintendo Switch.

I just want to say thank you to Steve and Larson for all of the fun – no pun intended – and exciting virtual professional wrestling action.


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