More wise words from Jodi Kisstien

Here are some wise words from an old school friend Jodi. She also gave some context in a Facebook post below.

“There have been countless times that I have been guilty of not doing something I said I was going to. Whether it be a change of heart, paralyzed by fear or the amount of work it will take, or not thinking I can actually make it work. It still happens to me and is something I think majority of us will go through for the rest of our lives. Living in fear and doubt is no way to live and you’ll end up with more regrets than moments you were proud of yourself. Perfectionism equally paralyzes you. But here’s the good news, we are all perfectly imperfect, we have to get messy before we can be good at anything. Strap on a rubber butt so that when you fall down you bounce right back up.”


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