Poke Post: Starting over with Pokemon Go – from level 29 to level 1


Starting over is never easy, even if it’s something as trivial as a video game.

Last week, the mobile network for my phone when out and in an attempt to fix the issue, I performed a factory reset on my phone, losing all of my data, including the progress I made on Pokemon Go in the last year. That means all of my Pokemon, my Pokedex entries, gym badges I had accumulated was gone. I was level 29 and a proud member of Team Valor and now I was reduced to level 1.

You’re probably thinking “Al, didn’t you have a trainer login?” I made numerous attempts to log into my old account, but for some reason, my trainer account and password didn’t work.

After several futile attempts, I bit my lip and decided to start from scratch.

It’s a daunting task to start over, but if I’ve learned one thing from playing Pokemon all of these is that when a journey – or in this case a playthrough – ends, another one begins.


It’s been a little over a week since I started my new Pokemon journey and I’m only level 6. I once chose Pikachu as my starter and when I learned she was a female, I named her after Becky Lynch, one of my favorite wrestlers.

Fifteen minutes before work, I walked around downtown Ritzville and captured my first Pokemon, a Venonat, which had a Combat Power of 11. I managed to capture a few more Pokemon before I entered the office.

Last Saturday, I hatched my first Pokemon from an egg, which was a Krabby. The cool aspect about hatching a Krabby was the powerful pincher was also the first Pokemon I hatched from an egg in my original playthrough.


I struggled a little bit during the first few days of my playthrough. In the beginning, I told myself I didn’t really want to put in the work to get back to level 29 or in some instances I told myself “I don’t need to play Pokemon Go to walk.”

But the more Pokemon I caught, the more I was motivated to continue this new Pokemon playthrough.

One of the good things about playing this game a second time is I can do things differently than my first playthrough, such as changing my walking buddies when I get enough Pokemon candy to evolve them.

Playing through this game a second time allows me to implement different themes and stipulations. For this playthrough I’ve decided when I evolve my Pokemon, it will be the only Pokemon of that species I use, unless I catch something more powerful.

I still have a way to go in this new Pokemon journey – I’m not even at level 10 yet. But I’m looking forward to the challenges and trials that come my way.


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