Alman on Holly Holm’s response to Cyborg’s PED accusations

UFC women’s featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino has been teasing, asking – pretty much demanding a fight against former women’s bantamweight titleholder Holly Holm for UFC 219 on Dec. 30.

Justino has thrown numerous jabs at Holm over social media to persuade her into a fight. One of Cyborg’s tactics is accusing Holm’s teammates at JacksonWink MMA of using PEDs. She also did the whole “lets see if my next opponent will get tested the same number of times as I did” tactic – Justino has been tested eight times by USADA. It’s Cyborg’s typical tactic of using social media to provoke her opponents into a fight.

Holm responded to Justino’s accusations on the JacksonWink Instagram account.

“So apparently there was a little bit of drama today because USADA went to Cyborg’s house and I know I’ve been the topic of interest a lot on her social media and I don’t mind fighters trying to promote fights, that’s fine, but let’s be real for a minute.

“She said she’s been tested by USADA and wants to be tested just as much, and she probably should have looked on their public records on the USADA web page and seen I’ve been tested nine times compared to her eight. I’m in no race, I really don’t care, I just know I compete clean and they test me all the time. So, I just never needed an applause for passing my tests. In the meantime, I’ll just spend my time training and she can spend her time complaining and making false accusations and false memes.”

Holm also posted two screenshots from USADA’s website to verify her claims.

What I liked about Holm’s response is she took the high road. She could have brought up Justino’s past drug test failures as her main retort, but instead she gave a response that was not only calm and tactful, but provided proof that she was being tested by USADA.

Justino followed it up by saying she believes if USADA is going to test her at random times, they should do the same for Holm. How do we know USADA isn’t drug testing Holm at random times? We as fans don’t know.

This is just a way to promote a fight – that hasn’t been made official – between Holm and Justino but I think it’s petty that Cyborg is using the drug testing as a way to trash talk her opponent and garner sympathy, and she’s not the first fighter this. Again, I think Holm took the high road and showed she’s not going to be conned into taking a fight without ironing the full details.


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