Rusev meets Bruce Lee Roy

This is a special episode of UpUpDownDown Superstar Savepoint as Rusev, aka Tong Po, aka Roman Reigns plays the side-scrolling beat ’em up game “The Punisher,” with a special guest, Taimak Guariello. If you’re wondering who that is, he is Leroy Green, aka Bruce Leroy.

I would have reacted the same way Rusev did in this video. “The Last Dragon” is my favorite movie of all time. I used to watch it as a kid when HBO would air it during the day. If you are a fan of 1980s action movies, The Last Dragon is up your alley.

Made in 1993, “The Punisher,” is a classic beat ’em up arcade game where players are either Frank Castle or Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. The two are thrown into an encounter with the mafia and eventually make their way to face Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin. I remember seeing this arcade at a bowling alley in Airway Heights. It followed the same formula as games like Final Fight, though I also remember the cutscene that showed Castle’s family getting killed in the gunfire. It was kind of like the first time I saw blood in a cartoon – “Batman the Animated Series.” It was very real.

I enjoyed this video, not only because Rusev and Taimak tearing through the streets as Castle and Fury. Rusev takes the role of fanboy and interviewer, asking Taimak all of the questions a fan would ask in regards to making the movie and discussing his favorite scenes.

During the interview, Taimak talks about working on the set of “The Last Dragon,” which was his first acting job. He goes into detail about working with martial artists on the film and how working with the film’s actors bought out his glow – pun intended – for the film.

Taimak also talks about growing up and being picked on as a kid and how martial arts helped him in his life.

This interview is a treat if you have the time to watch and listen.


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