Meet the FCCW Superstars

Well friends, I know I said I was going to get WWE 2k18 for the Nintendo Switch, but I decided to break down and buy a Playstation 4 along with the game.

I’m having a blast playing it so far – graphics-wise it looks gorgeous. I know some folks have complained about its gameplay and other areas they feel it lacks. Personally I’m enjoying the game so far and I’m still learning the ropes.

My favorite aspect of the game is its Creative Suite and I’ve been churning out WWE Creative Wrestlers as well as rings, championship belts and other stuff, which I will post on this space. Below are several wrestlers I created last night and on Friday, along with a little explanation of each character. I note some of the entrance attire of characters and I will probably have some videos featuring entrances.

Brother Cronin

I based this character off my friend Adam. The character is akin to classic heels with a good message and who believe they are better than the fans. I gave him Bobby Roode’s entrance. The real Adam is a good guy, who can be over the top. I also gave him Daniel Bryan’s tights with Chris Jericho’s boots.

Tequila Booty

Tequila Booty is the nickname of my friend Amanda, who is engaged to Adam. I went for a luchadora template with the look and moves. The yellow and orange on her tights, is me trying make her gear appear like tequila.

Al Stover

This is just my basic, run of the mill generic wrestler based off me. I’ve designed most of the gear to look like what I’ve used in the past. I’ve included some red for Los Ingobernables de Japon. My character also comes out to the ring wearing a sports coat, like Tetsuya Naito.

Ari Omega

I based this character on my friend Jasmine. She has a similar hair style to my friend Jasmine. The green on her top pays homage to her Irish roots. Her entrance attire includes a long coat, similar to New Japan Pro Wrestling star Kenny Omega.

Officer Friendly

Officer Friendly is a character I had all the way back to Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain. The original character is based off the Officer Friendly character from The “Suga, Suga,” Baby Bash video. Over time, she’s evolved from a cop wearing shorts and baby blue gear to the ruthless Big Bossman character from the Attitude Era.

Lavender Lass

Lavender Lass is a name I came up with my friend Amanda M., who is the director of marketing for a business selling lavender. I went with a lavender color scheme for all of the gear and her hair – including giving her Shawn Michaels’ tights.

The Ranch Man

The Ranch Man is a cowboy with a color scheme of a ranch dressing bottle – hence the green and light blue. It’s based off a character my friend Brian and I came up with.

Pumpkin Butcher

Pumpkin Butcher was based off an Inktober submission from my friend Jasmine. The Creator Suite and game doesn’t have the exact pumpkin specs, but the shapes worked. The suit is akin to Slender Man.


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