Fighter’s Circle Championship Wrestling is now

Some folks may have noticed some posts with gameplay videos and screenshots from WWE 2K18. Last week, I purchased a PlayStation 4 and with it, WWE 2K18 – I decided I didn’t want to wait for the game on the Nintendo Switch.

I am on the beginning legs of what has become my own video game/digital wrestling federation – Fighter’s Circle Championship Wrestling or FCCW.

FCCW includes numerous wrestlers who I designed, as well as others I downloaded from WWE 2K18’s Community Creations. This federation also has wrestlers who are currently in the WWE, as well as some who have left and independent competitors.

For the record, the WWE superstars in FCCW are fictitious representations of WWE performers and the Federation owns the trademarks to their characters.

The championship belts and arena I’m using are also of my own design, with the exception of the Haitch championship and FCCW’s central logo, which is a modification to Becky Lynch’s logo she used for her Smackdown Women’s Championship title plates.

Establishing this federation has been a little time consuming, but also fun. I’m getting to use my creativity in making wrestlers, championships and other facets of FCCW.

This project also harkens back to my youth. When I was in fifth-grade, I would make my own wrestling federation and mimic the storylines I saw on TV with the different wrestling figures and plastic belts I received from my parents.

One Christmas I received WWF War Zone for the Nintendo 64. While it wasn’t the best wrestling game at the time, it introduced me the “Create-A-Wrestler,” mode. My friends and I would spend hours creating wrestlers, then challenge each other to matches, as if we fictitious promoters seeing which of our competitors was the best. Over the years I’ve purchased WWF/E games and with each one, created my own wrestlers.

FCCW is different than previous projects because I’m sharing my creativity with the world.

One of the ways I’m doing this is through Youtube playthrough videos. Another is the FCCW’s website – a blogger page where I’m updating the website with kayfabe storylines and updates.

I’m also looking into streaming my gameplay videos. This is all still a work in progress, but I’m excited to see where I can take it.

My goal with this project is to expand my video making skills and produce more Youtube content – I’ve had a channel for years, but I rarely ever post anything. I also want to use streaming to become more comfortable when I’m talking and maybe even develop a persona.


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