Scratched an item off the bucket list

This past week a couple of big developments in my life – I got my notary stamp and I learned I received a WNPA award – third place in the News Topical Column/Blog category – Crunch Time.

Crunch Time is a weekly sports column at the Cheney Free Press. Every week it rotates between the writers and the editor. I entered a few of my Crunch Time columns after my editor JMAC said he felt my MMA/Combat Sports writing was some of my best work and felt it had a good shot at winning. Two of the three columns I entered were UFC related, but I also entered a column about local sports.

I was beyond ecstatic when my Publisher came to Ritzville and brought me the certificate. Winning a WNPA award is something I worked toward since I started at the Free Press.

Earned a journalism award isn’t why I got into the business and you don’t really certificates to validate the work you do. That said, this was a nice reminder that I am pursuing the right path. It was also a good way to close the Cheney Free Press chapter of my life and really dig into the Ritzville Journal chapter. And I got to scratch another item off my bucket list.


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