FCCW: Slammo earns Haitch title shot

Professional wrestling prospect Slammo the Clown took the latest step in his professional wrestling career after winning an eight-man elimination match to earn a shot at Cedric Alexander’s FCCW Haitch Championship during the latest show of Friday Night Fights.

Slammo defeated seven other worthy challengers – Finn Balor, Bam Bam Bigelow, Pumpkin Butcher, TJP, Dean Ambrose, Anonymous Bunny and Coach Cobra – to earn the championship opportunity. Despite being hit with different finishers, the Clown came away with the victory.

The Clown is a relative newcomer to the world of professional wrestling, training in the Northeast before finding his way to Fighter’s Circle Championship Wrestling. Although Slammo understands being a clown can be a little scary for the audience, he wants to show fans that clowns can be fun and friendly too. However, he understands he may need to get a little down and dirty to defeat Alexander for the Haitch title.

Alexander won the Haitch championship after winning his own grueling elimination match earlier this month. He has made no title defenses so far, but he is looking forward to his next challenge in Slammo the Clown. Slammo is at 205 pounds and will have a slight weight advantage against Alexander.

There is no contract date set for Slammo vs. Alexander’s championship match as of press time. Slammo is set to compete in the World Tag League tournament with his partner Kane and will likely face Alexander for the title at some point in the near future, most likely during the tournament. If Slammo and Kane are eliminated from the tournament, the Clown will likely get his opportunity on the night of the World Tag League finals.


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