Poke Post: Pikachu and his beer

Last night I went out with my friend Jasmine for our pseudo Halloween weekend. It’s become a tradition of sorts – we’ll hang out on Halloween or the Saturday before. We originally intended to go to Nyne’s Halloween party, yet she asked if we could have a quiet night at The Lantern Taphouse – which is our normal hangout spot.

I dressed up as a Pokemon trainer for Halloween and took my Pikachu doll with me into The Lantern. Here are some pictures from the adventure.

Me: Pikachu, how was the whiskey sour?

Pikachu: Wonderful!

Pikachu loves the Nut Brown Ale

Pikachu trying to sneak a taste of Jasmine’s Kracken and Dr. Pepper

After the Oktoberfest, I had the Abominable Winter Ale , which is an American IPA style beer.

No Pikachu, that’s Jasmine’s beer!

The beer in this picture is “Kung Fu Death Monkey,” a hoppy brew I ended the night with. This was my attempt to make it appear Pikachu is kicking the glass.

Me: Pikachu, how do you feel?

Pikachu: Glorious!


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