New wrestlers for FCCW

After I came home from Spokane, I played a lot of WWE 2K18. While my main goal was to accumulate enough points to unlock Eddie Guerrero – which I did before I left to get dinner – I also added some more wrestlers to my FCCW roster.

This one is KFD Monkey – or Kung Fu Death Monkey when it’s spelled out. I named the character after one of the beers I tried at the Lantern Taphouse. When I designed the character, I tried to give him a kung fu outfit, but the only monkey part is the mask. The create a superstar mode doesn’t allow certain outfits to go together, which is OK.

I also gave Kung Fu Death Monkey a striker-type move set.

The next few wrestlers were creations I downloaded.

Anna Crowe

I love Crowe’s look and her moveset is great. I want to say I found her on the GoingInRaw hashtag or Vampire hastag, but I’m not 100 percent sure.

Denise Hurricane

Hurricane came as a set with two other wrestlers, but I couldn’t download them because they contain moves of superstars I haven’t unlocked yet.

Azrael Savage

I believe I found Savage from the Going in Raw hastag. He has a good look and his entrance is Bobby Roode’s, which I love. The only conflicting nature is I use Roode’s theme for Brother Cronin, but I can change it. Or maybe Savage will join Genisis.


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