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Poke Post: Pumpkin Stencils

If you’re looking for some Halloween ideas, here are some pumpkin stencils the Pokemon Company International just dropped. It features Pikachu as well as the Alola starters Litten, Rowlet and Popplio.


Poke Progress: Al returns to Johto

Today, Pokemon Gold and Silver hit the Nintendo EShop for digital download.
Needless to say I was at work, chomping at the bit until I got to go home and begin my return to Johto. I’ll go on front street and say I love my job and I don’t usually sit at my desk waiting for the clock to hit 5 p.m. – generally newspaper offices stay open later but my Editor encourages me to get home and eat dinner after the doors are locked. I was originally supposed to cover an event at the Cow Creek Mercantile until it was canceled, so that meant a night of Pokemon Silver and a few adult beverages.

Next to Kalos, Johto is my favorite region in Pokemon. Part of it stems from being a senior in high school when the English dub of the Johto Journeys came to the United States. My love for Pokemon stemmed from watching the anime dub when I was in middle school. it was great seeing Ash, Brock and Misty journey to Johto, catch the native Pokemon and interact with the characters from the game. Now that I’m older, I’ve had the opportunity to play Pokemon games and travel to regions before Ash – so when I see him face a tough challenger or gym leader I’ll raise my glass and say “I’ve been there, kid.”

Downloading Pokemon Silver is also a bit of a redemption for me. I’ve dabbled in a few of the Johto games – Silver, Crystal and Soul Silver – but I had never finished the story. The closest I came to completing the game was when I played Soul Silver and I had beaten the Elite Four, only to lose to Lance. This time, I don’t plan to end my Johto Journey until I defeat Red on top of Mount Silver.


Just like the first few attempts, I went with Totodile as my starting Pokemon – naming him Swanson, after Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson.

I spent my first night in Johto completing the introductory quests of meeting Mr. Pokemon, getting the Mystery Egg for Professor Elm, confronting and defeating my rival CM Punk. After bringing the egg to Professor Elm, I traveled to Violet City where I conquered Sprout Tower and defeated Faulkner for my first badge.

I currently have five Pokemon on my roster:

Swanson – Totodile. As I wrote earlier, I named him after Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. He is my favorite of the Johto starters and one of my favorite Pokemon from the anime.

Belle – Bellsprout. I named this Pokemon after Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I had a Bellsprout on my team when i played Soulsilver to fill the grass type role on my roster. I foresee keeping Belle long into the my Silver run.

September – Rattata. I had a blank moment of creativity after I captured her and named her after September. Rattata is not one of my favorite Pokemon, but it’s a good player to have early on your adventure.

B. Mary – Gastly. I named her after Bloody Mary. This is probably the first time I’ve had a ghost Pokemon on my team and I’m not sure how long she’ll stay on the team. Mary will fulfill a similar role that Pikachu has had on my past teams – the Pokemon that’s really effective against weaker types. Mary will be good when I face psychic types and ghost trainers. My only other concern is if Haunter will be enough to get me through Victory Road.

Kairi – Hoothoot. I named this Pokemon after Kairi Sane, who just won the WWE’s Mae Young Classic. had a Hoothoot I evolved into Noctowl during my Soul Silver run and I’ll probably keep Kairi on my team as the flying Pokemon for my journey. The only reason I could see putting her on the bench would be if I caught Lugia. Still, I love Noctowl and I’m excited to have Kairi aboard.

Changes and beefing up the blog

You’ll probably notice some changes with the blog in the next few months. On my quest to get 3,000 posts, I am going through and beefing up some of the content on this blog. This includes adding words to posts, cutlines to photos and replacing entire posts if those links do not work. Some stories will include small updates or my commentaries from my perspective on the event. I’ll also be adding perspective to the different inspirational pictures I post. That doesn’t mean there will be less posts, but they won’t appear as frequently as before.

I’ll also be adding or deleting static elements from the page, such as the fantasy football team or Pokemon pages.

This is a process that might hinder my goal to get to 3,000 posts before January, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. 3,000 posts isn’t much, especially when you’ve had a blog for over four years, but I think the more effort I put into this, the more people will receive it. If not, at least I can point to this blog and say I put in the effort.

Since yesterday I’ve added to or replaced several posts from 2013 and 2014 – which includes many of my adventures in Wolf Point, Montana. This has given me the opportunity to reflect on the different events from Wolf Point and see how far I’ve come as a writer, journalist and photographer – and when I say that I have come a long way since those days is a bit of an understatement.

By doing this, hopefully I can figure out what exactly I want to do with the website, whether it’s continuing it as an outlet to spew the stuff that’s on my brain, turn it into something that I can monetize or a combination of the two. It will probably continue to be a casual outlet because I want to shine at my job at the Ritzville Journal.

This is also a way for me to put in more work for a project. Too often I’ll start several projects and not put in as much effort to make them shine and they sit at the side. This is a chance for me to put more of me out there.

I almost forgot, have a great day.

WSTEVEW – Lenny Omega returns

Apologies for the delay on posting friendos. On this week’s WSTEVEW, The Cleanser Lenny Omega returns to call out new rival Earl Smothers. Also former Meatloaf champion Dirty takes on WSTEVEW titleholder Boss Hoss.

It’s another action-packed episode of WSTEVEW.

New WWE Intercontinental and United States title belts?

I was browsing Jason Saint’s wrestling blog earlier and he posted a picture of what could be the new designs for the WWE Intercontinental and United States championships. Rumor has it those titles will undergo a design change in the near future.

Some people wouldn’t be thrilled with these choices because they resemble the current WWE, Universal and women title belts. I kind of like this. While they are similar to other title belts, they have their own characteristics as well.

It will be interesting to see how they’ll make the transition. Currently the U.S. title is held by Chris Jericho and he introduce the new look in a heel manner. Dean Ambrose holds the IC title, but I could see the new belt unveiled at Wrestlemania during a ladder match.

Portland Pikachus helmet design


There’s nothing too fancy about the design of the Portland Pikachu’s helmet. It’s a basic helmet with black coloring and a Pikachu logo on the side.

I wanted to go for simple when it came to my fantasy team this year.

Poke Post: Team Al – Show No Mercy

Team Al logo
I haven’t played Pokemon Go yet, but when I do, I’ve decided to go create my own team – Team Al. I whipped up this little banner in a few minutes.

This all started this morning. One of the photos I used in Education was of a student hanging a banner, with the Team Mystic insignia on it, from the ceiling. It was for Medical Lake’s homecoming.

Shortly after I got into the office, two of my coworkers stopped by my cubicle, asking “why I chose Team Mystic.” One of them – who I will refer to as C – is a member of Team Instinct and the other – J – is Team Mystic.

I explained I chose that photo because it was one of the better photos I had taken that day. It led to this.

C: But Team Instinct would have made a better photo.

Me: That one was already hung up.

C: Could have you gotten them to take a photo with Team Instinct?

Me: I’m not going to have the students take down a banner they’ve already hung up.

*brief pause*

C: You don’t play Pokemon Go. But if you did, who would you pick?

Me: Probably Team Mystic.

C: What!?

J: *fist bumps me*

To be honest, I don’t know where my allegiances would lie. I just wanted to irritate my coworker. Which led me to designing Team Al. It’s kind of mock up of Team Instinct’s symbol but it has Pikachu instead of Zapdos. The “Show No Mercy” tagline comes from “The Karate Kid.”

Update Sept. 20, 2017 – I’m approaching my one-year Pokemon Go anniversary and I’ve been reflecting on my year with Pokemon Go.

During last night’s City Council meeting, the Police Chief was celebrating his 60th birthday. The first thing that came to my mind was “I hope I’m still playing Pokemon when I’m 60” and this includes Pokemon Go. I kind of felt like a child since I didn’t say something like “I hope I have grandchildren” and “I hope I live in a nice house and am debt free” – don’t get me wrong, I do want all of those things, but Pokemon Go would be a great bonus.

Also I did not choose Team Mystic. I went with Team Valor. It’s the colors of Eastern Washington University and I did it to annoy both J and C.