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A book is a dream that you hold in your hand


Ben Drowned: The Full Story

You’ve heard the story, you’ve listened to the creepypasta, and you’ve seen the gameplay footage… but do you know just how deep the Ben Drowned experience truly runs? Step inside for a trip to meet the Moon Children, and get in on the secrets of the Jadusable ARG.

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales

Blizzard presents A Thousand Years of War

Blizzard recently released the audio story “A Thousand Years of War,” by Robert Brooks, starring Alleria Windrunner and Turalyon, who recently returned to Warcraft canon in the 7.2 Legion patch. This story begins around the same time as the Second War ends. Alleria and Turalyon leave Draenor and are plunged headfirst into the war between the Burning Legion and the Light. While Turalyon takes his devotion to the light to the next level, Alleria finds a darker part.

This is a great companion piece to Legion 7.2. The voice acting and narration is great, you really get a feel you’re experiencing the story through Alleria and Turalyon. This story not only gives players some background on how Turalyon and Alleria came to Argus and achieved their current roles, but it also affirms the love they have for each other and their son Arator.

Part 1 – Two Bright Lights

Part 2 – The Emerald Star

Part 3 – Shadow and Light

Poke Post: HDVee asks Is The New Pokemon Anime Set In The Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Universe?

Youtuber HDVee dropped a theory video about whether or not the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime is set in the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon storyline. Here’s a description of the video below.

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon are coming out very soon, and as we all know, the Pokemon anime is in full swing, however, what if the new Pokemon anime was actually set in the same universe as Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon? With that being said, today’s video takes a look at the question, Is The New Pokemon Anime Set In The Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Universe?

There are some things I agree with him regarding the theory – the Z ring being one of them – but other points I would argue relate to writing, specifically Lillie and Lusamine’s relationship. The anime where the mother and daughter seem happy – as opposed to the Sun and Moon video game where Lusamine is antagonistic toward her daughter – is just good writing, setting up the scenario where the Ash and Lillie have to battle her.

Alman on Going In Raw

I’ve been meaning to write this review for awhile now. I’m in the process of writing reviews for podcasts I listen to for ITunes. It helps the podcasts out and it allows me to share kudos.

The phrases “Steve Here” and “And Larson,” have been words familiar to me for the last several years. I’ve been a fan of Steve and Larson’s since their “Ten for the Win” and Machinima days. One of my TFW binge watching sessions helped me when I was going through the worst post-birthday hangover in my life. When I learned they were launching a professional wrestling podcast, I was excited. It’s been great to see “Going in Raw” start out as a podcast and evolve into a professional wrestling channel.

What I enjoy about Steve and Larson is they bring an honest, genuine assessment to how they view wrestling. It’s all anti-WWE and Meltzer-worshipping like how some wrestling reporters and websites can get. If WWE does a good job, they’ll say the promotion did a good job, but they don’t shy away from the negative. Even if a pay per view or show is terrible, they’ll talk about the positives.

They’re not all WWE, they talk about New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor and WCPW – let’s not forget Steve’s Impact Wrestling reviews. Their podcast has inspired me to branch out of my professional wrestling bubble and watch new shows.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of their channel/Going in Raw isn’t necessarily something fans can hear on audio and that’s their WWE2k playthroughs of WSTEVEW and FUN Wrestling. Both wrestling shows feature a cast of characters, most of them created by fans, and storytelling that isn’t just wrestling but has elements of fantasy, noir and science fiction. As someone who has played wrestling games for years and loved creating characters, it’s cool to see Steve and Larson bring their ideas to the ring and video screen.

What’s cool about Going in Raw is both Steve and Larson are trying different things to see what fits with their channel, which is essential to stay relevant in today’s world.

If I ever start a podcast, I’ll have Steve and Larson to thank.

Harry Dean Stanton monologue from Last Temptation

Actor Harry Dean Stanton passed away recently. He was known for a plethora of roles, including Saul/Paul in “The Last Temptation of Christ.” Kevin Smith talked about this scene on Hollywood Babble-On and watched it for myself. It’s pretty powerful and the transcription is below the video.

I bring this news. About Jesus of
Nazareth. He wasn’t the son of Mary,
he was the son of God. His mother
was a virgin. The angel Gabriel came
to earth and put God’s seed in her
womb. That’s how he was born. He
took on our sins, he was tortured,
crucified — but three days later he
rose again and was taken up to heaven.
Death was conquered, praise God!
Death was conquered, sins were
forgiven and the Kingdom of Heaven’s
now open to everyone.

Jesus can restrain himself no longer. He calls out:

Did you ever see this resurrected
Jesus of Nazareth? I mean, with your
own eyes?

No. But I saw a blinding flash of
light and I heard his voice.

You’re a liar!

His disciples saw him. They were
hiding in an attic with the doors
locked when suddenly he appeared.
Only one, Thomas, wasn’t convinced
but he put his fingers in his wounds
and gave Jesus some fish, which he

(to people around him)
He’s a liar!

Disgusted, Jesus turns and walks away. His angel follows.

In the background, Paul comes after him.

Jesus feels Paul’s footsteps drawing closer. He’s about to
explode. Suddenly, he turns on his heel, grabs Paul by the
shoulders and shakes him violently.

You’re a liar! I’m Jesus of Nazareth.
I was never crucified. I never came
back from the dead. I’m a man like
everyone else. Why are you spreading
these lies?


What are you talking about?

I’m the son of Mary and Joseph, who
preached in Galilee. James and John,
the sons of Zebedee, were my
disciples. We marched on Jerusalem,
they brought me before Pilate, but
God saved me.

Jesus’ Angel doesn’t like this conversation; he tugs violently
at his sleeve. Jesus shoves him aside. Paul takes Jesus around
a corner where they won’t be seen.

No he didn’t!

Now I live like a man. I have a
family. I eat, work, have children.
Do you understand what I’m saying?
Don’t go around the world spreading
these lies about me.
Because, I’ll tell everyone the truth.

Now it’s Paul’s turn to explode.

Look around you! Look at these people.
Do you see the suffering and
unhappiness in this world? Their
only hope is the Resurrected Jesus.
I don’t care whether you’re Jesus or
not. The Resurrected Jesus will save
the world — that’s what matters.

The world can’t be saved by lies.

I created the truth. I make it out
of longing and faith. I don’t struggle
to find truth — I build it. If it’s
necessary to crucify you to save the
world, then I’ll crucify you. And
I’ll resurrect you too, whether you
like it or not.

I won’t let you. I’ll tell everyone
the truth.

Shout all you want. Who’ll believe
you? You started all this, now it
can’t be stopped. The faithful will
grab you and call you a blasphemer
and throw you in a fire.

No, that wouldn’t happen.

How do you know? You don’t know how
much people need God. You don’t know
what a joy it is to hold the cross,
to put hope in the hearts of men, to
suffer, to be killed — all for the
sake of Christ. Jesus Christ. Jesus
of Nazareth, Son of God. Messiah.

Jesus is listening intently now.

Not you. Not for your sake.
I’m glad I met you. Now I can forget
you. My Jesus is much more powerful.