Harry Dean Stanton monologue from Last Temptation

Actor Harry Dean Stanton passed away recently. He was known for a plethora of roles, including Saul/Paul in “The Last Temptation of Christ.” Kevin Smith talked about this scene on Hollywood Babble-On and watched it for myself. It’s pretty powerful and the transcription is below the video.

I bring this news. About Jesus of
Nazareth. He wasn’t the son of Mary,
he was the son of God. His mother
was a virgin. The angel Gabriel came
to earth and put God’s seed in her
womb. That’s how he was born. He
took on our sins, he was tortured,
crucified — but three days later he
rose again and was taken up to heaven.
Death was conquered, praise God!
Death was conquered, sins were
forgiven and the Kingdom of Heaven’s
now open to everyone.

Jesus can restrain himself no longer. He calls out:

Did you ever see this resurrected
Jesus of Nazareth? I mean, with your
own eyes?

No. But I saw a blinding flash of
light and I heard his voice.

You’re a liar!

His disciples saw him. They were
hiding in an attic with the doors
locked when suddenly he appeared.
Only one, Thomas, wasn’t convinced
but he put his fingers in his wounds
and gave Jesus some fish, which he

(to people around him)
He’s a liar!

Disgusted, Jesus turns and walks away. His angel follows.

In the background, Paul comes after him.

Jesus feels Paul’s footsteps drawing closer. He’s about to
explode. Suddenly, he turns on his heel, grabs Paul by the
shoulders and shakes him violently.

You’re a liar! I’m Jesus of Nazareth.
I was never crucified. I never came
back from the dead. I’m a man like
everyone else. Why are you spreading
these lies?


What are you talking about?

I’m the son of Mary and Joseph, who
preached in Galilee. James and John,
the sons of Zebedee, were my
disciples. We marched on Jerusalem,
they brought me before Pilate, but
God saved me.

Jesus’ Angel doesn’t like this conversation; he tugs violently
at his sleeve. Jesus shoves him aside. Paul takes Jesus around
a corner where they won’t be seen.

No he didn’t!

Now I live like a man. I have a
family. I eat, work, have children.
Do you understand what I’m saying?
Don’t go around the world spreading
these lies about me.
Because, I’ll tell everyone the truth.

Now it’s Paul’s turn to explode.

Look around you! Look at these people.
Do you see the suffering and
unhappiness in this world? Their
only hope is the Resurrected Jesus.
I don’t care whether you’re Jesus or
not. The Resurrected Jesus will save
the world — that’s what matters.

The world can’t be saved by lies.

I created the truth. I make it out
of longing and faith. I don’t struggle
to find truth — I build it. If it’s
necessary to crucify you to save the
world, then I’ll crucify you. And
I’ll resurrect you too, whether you
like it or not.

I won’t let you. I’ll tell everyone
the truth.

Shout all you want. Who’ll believe
you? You started all this, now it
can’t be stopped. The faithful will
grab you and call you a blasphemer
and throw you in a fire.

No, that wouldn’t happen.

How do you know? You don’t know how
much people need God. You don’t know
what a joy it is to hold the cross,
to put hope in the hearts of men, to
suffer, to be killed — all for the
sake of Christ. Jesus Christ. Jesus
of Nazareth, Son of God. Messiah.

Jesus is listening intently now.

Not you. Not for your sake.
I’m glad I met you. Now I can forget
you. My Jesus is much more powerful.


Southpaw Regional Wrestling is Back

Southpaw Regional Wrestling, the short-video sensation produced by WWE has returned wrestling fans. Tell your friends, your family and your coworkers.

WWE recently dropped six episodes of what they are dubbing the second season of Southpaw Regional Wrestling on its Youtube channel.

There’s plenty of moments for WWE fans to enjoy in this season of Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

All of the old favorite characters are back – the broadcast team of Lance Catamaran (John Cena) and Chett Chetterfield (Fandango) as well as correspeondent Clint Bobski (Chris Jericho).

Several superstars return as well – Southpaw Regional Wrestling champion John Johnson (T.J. Perkins), The Banker Mr. Makerory (Tyler Breeze), Chad 2 Badd (Karl Anderson) and Texx Ferguson (Luke Gallows).

This season introduces several new players, including the Southpaw Regional Tag Team Champions The Butchers (Seth Rollins and Rhyno), Debbie Desperado (Natalya), not to mention rivals Rene Beret and Danny Bandana (both played by Daniel Bryan). Nikki Lee Styxx (Dolph Ziggler) delights fans with his musical talents and the show was sponsored by car dealer Malibu Al (A.J. Styles).

Everyone in Southpaw Regional Wrestling is gearing up for the Showdown at the Swamp event, which will be on closed circuit TV.

There’s a few other ongoing storylines in this season – Texx2Badd’s quest to make it to Southpaw Regional Wrestling to wrestle the tag titles from the Butchers. The appearance of Deperado and the saga of Chett Chetterfield.

Then there’s my favorite bit, the quest to find Deway Jackson and the tournament set up in his honor. The build up is worth it, especially when you see who plays Deway Jackson.

In all seriousness, the WWE Superstars knocked it out of the park. It’s cool to see our favorite talent portray over the top characters and gimmicks based off famous wrestling tropes from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Yes, it’s silly. Yes it’s over the top, but it’s also fun – which is kind of what makes professional wrestling great. It’s a nice chance from everyone being so serious about the product.

I see a lot of fans say “this is what WWE needs to do” or “Southpaw Regional Wrestling > Raw” – which is funny because there’s no actual wrestling in it.

I do think WWE needs to give superstars a chance to go off script – assuming Southpaw Regional Wrestling is unscripted – and show their personality more in the ring. Those are just my thoughts.

If you’re looking for a good way to start Summerslam weekend, or some inspiration for your Create a Wrestlers for WWK 2K18 – I’ve already got 2 Badd, Ferguson and Desperado penciled in for my game – watch all six episodes of Southpaw Regional Wrestling Season 2.

After you’re done watching those episodes, enjoy a nice adult beverage – if you’re 21 years or older – and watch them over again.