Poke Post: Pokemon Go Pub Crawl

Last Saturday I spent part of the evening trekking through downtown Spokane for the Pokemon Go Pub Crawl a a way to capitalize on the game. It was organized by a group of downtown bars that put on the zombie pub crawls and stuff like that. The group also does a lot of charity work.

The object of the pub crawl was similar to the game of Pokemon itself – you had to go on a journey and collect badges – well buttons – before you gained a prize. But you didn’t have to battle any gym leaders or defeat them in a drinking contest. You didn’t have to play Pokemon Go to participate in the pub crawl either, which was nice. You just had to go in and ask for a button.

Like Pokemon, the crawl itself was quite a journey. The bars were spaced out enough to where you had to one area of downtown Spokane to another. Since these were local businesses I did have a beer at every few stops and didn’t leave until I had a couple of glasses of water.

What was cool about the event was the downtown bars held a family crawl earlier in the day where kids could come in and get their buttons.

I had to go back-and-forth a couple of times because some of the bars didn’t open until later. The most interesting stop was at The Pin. There was a hip hop concert going and I had to get searched, which was no big deal. The bartender also had to find the buttons because he forgot the crawl was taking place that night.

With all 11 buttons in hand, I returned to Lucky’s and received my T-shirt. After a quick stop home, I went to downtown Cheney and went to a couple of bars to show off my loot.

This wasn’t quite the Pokemon journey you see in the games, but it was still pretty fun. I’d do it again.



Books2Eat photos

EWU Books2Eat2

Eastern Washington University had its annual Books2Eat contest and featured several delicious looking literature-inspired goods. I wasn’t able to get any of the photos in the paper this week, but I still got some descent shots and ate some delicious cake.

EWU books2eat//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

EWU books2eat1//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js
The winning display

Alman’s Hoopfest Adventure


For the last several years it’s been a tradition of mine to venture to Hoopfest, the biggest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the country. I’m not a big basketball fan though I’ll occasionally watch some hoops if my friends or playing or it’s a really good game. Usually the trips to Hoopfest coincide with appearances at the local watering holes. This year’s Hoopfest featured some drinking but mostly other types of fun.

I drove to Spokane this year rather than brave the transit system. Knowing the parking would be a nightmare, I left my car at Browne’s Addition and walked to downtown. As always Hoopfest draws crowds from all over the United States. You see teams, some with clever names like “Wii Unfit” and “Sky’s Out, Thighs Out” – many groups used ballin’ this year – in their uniforms or gym wear.

Shortly after I arrived at downtown I ran into Kurto – one of my pals from The Easterner – as he was on my way to work. After we exchanged pleasantries Kurto asked,” What in the hell are you doing here?” I told him about my plans to hang out with Jaz.

“Stay hydrated my friend,” he said in the spirit of the Most Interesting Man in the World before heading to work.

I would do just that. The temperature was in the triple digits as the mixture of sweat, body spray, deodorant and the occasional pizza or barbecue filled the air.

As predicted, traffic was horrible. You could hear the horns from inside of the library.

After the library I headed over to Lucky’s Pub where they had $5 32-ounce beers on tap. Seeing the foam in my white-plastic cup reminded me of the scene from the Flinstones after Fred’s team won the bowling game and they received a giant class of what I hoped was ale.

Lucky’s was quiet with some folks coming to get beer in-between games, as well as their regulars. The TVs on the walls played baseball and an infomercial that featured former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino. I scanned the walls of Lucky’s and noticed the flags, pictures and banners. The last time I was in Lucky’s was St. Patrick’s Day and the room was pretty dark. The several glasses of green beer took effect and I was only focused on the music. I did remember the giant Guinness harp and barrel of Jameson Whiskey next to it.

I glanced at the menu and saw some of the other drink specials, including $9 for Irish Trash Cans to which my liver, stomach and brain collectively said “Not a chance in Hell.” My stomach added “If you want to drink more beer, you need food.”

I met Jaz shortly after lunch. We traveled to Nike Center Court – or as I called it: The Pressure Cooker. Despite the hot temperatures and sweat pouring down our faces, we watched some impressive feats in the Slam Dunk competition – one being a guy named “Superman.” He didn’t look like Clark Kent, but he could fly.

Our next quest was to find shade – the convention center where a gal took a photo with my Lucky sunglasses. We went back to the Center Court. Jaz got some good photos of BNSF vs. Camp Hope. We left before the start of the 4 p.m. game and went back to Lucky’s.

Unlike the first trip to the pub, we sat at the bar, close to the big fan. Both Jaz and I indulged in 32-ounce Coors Lights. On the TVs there was MMA and boxing – which made me happy – and baseball – which made Jaz happy.

As the hours rolled on, Spokane’s streets got quiet. My adventure ended with a trip to Zip’s, something that her discussed after our time at the Lantern.

The day was hot and sweaty, but also a lot of fun. There are few people I would walk through Hell for and Jaz is one of them.

If you want to see some of Jaz’s photos, follow her Twitter @tealeaves.

Alman and Jasmine at the Lantern (take 2)


To quote Stain’d, “It’s been awhile,” since I’ve written about anything relating to beer on this blog. After I closed my beer blog, I told myself that I would keep the spirit alive by posting beer-related content and drunken memories on this site. Here’s a little tale about a little night at The Lantern on Perry and 10th in Spokane.

There are few people in this world you can call your close friends. I’m fortunate to have many amazing people in my life but one person fate threw in my path a few times is my good friend Jasmine or Jaz as I’ll refer to her for protection sake.

Jaz and I first met at Spokane Falls Community College at The Communicator where she was my staff writer. Our paths would cross again at Eastern Washington University at The Easterner where – once again – she worked with me. Like any writer I had my ups and downs with Jaz – and I’m sure she wanted to kick my ass on a few occasions – but we had a blast working together. However, I’ve been fortunate to have gotten to become good friends with over the years.

To celebrate finishing her stint at News Editor, she and I went to the Lantern – a place that’s becoming a usual stomping ground for us. My partners in crime like Bry, Adam Ant, BJ and Jacklyn are great friends but none of them were in the trenches like Jaz or know the journey that I went through.

Now on to what you all probably want to know – the beer.

That night The Lantern mainly had Ninkasi on tap. I’m not a huge Ninkasi drinker. Their oatmeal stout – which is one of the beers I had – is OK. It goes well with vanilla ice cream.

The other beer I tried – along with Jaz – was “Dawn of the Red.” I was able to taste the fruit, malt and hops. I’m not a huge fan of hops but I do like red ales. I recommend this beer if you love IPAs but want to try something different.

As usual The Lantern’s atmosphere was chill. There was live music and while I don’t remember the bands, I do recall them sounding like folk music. Almost Celtic with a little fiddle for the sizzle. Of course Jaz and I were mostly invested in our beer, our jobs and what we would like to add to the Star Trek Universe, specifically on the Enterprise. One of the ideas became a poster like this.

All in all it was a good evening with a great friend and sometimes that’s all you need.

Editor’s Playlist: Irish Drinking Songs

This video came out about a year ago. Below are the track titles and artists.

Whiskey In The Jar – The Blackwater Boys
Irish Rover / Rakes Of Mallow – Waxies Dargle
Bold O’Donaghue – The Blarney Lads
Finnegan’s Wake – Waxies Dargle
All For Me Grog – The Blackwater Boys
Lannigans Ball – Waxies Dargle
The Wild Rover – The Blarney Lads
Fairytale Of New York – Waxies Dargle
The Holy Ground – Waxies Dargle
Black Velvet Band – The Blackwater Boys
Tipping It Up To Nancy / Swallow’s Tail – Waxies Dargle
I’ll Tell Me Ma – The Blarney Lads
Seven Drunken Nights – The Blackwater Boys
Muirsheen Durkin – The Blarney Lads
Paddle Me Own Canoe – Waxies Dargle
Home Boys Home – Waxies Dargle

Alman on his 29.9999 birthday


I went out last Saturday to celebrate my birthday. The day began slow with lunch at the Lantern Taphouse with my mother, fiance Matt, Mr. and Mrs. Bell and Manda. The food was stellar and the company was great.

I few hours later I ran into my sister, brother-in-law and former roommates. We stopped off at O’Doughtery’s for some Guinness. After that it was the Saranac for dinner where I had one of the restaurant’s brown ales to go with my mac, cheese and chicken.

We later went to our old stomping grounds of The Revolver. I had a few mixed drinks and played some “Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3” going 9-3.

My original plan was to head home after the bar. I was in my right mind and a gallon of water in the back of my car. My old roommates kept pestering me about hanging out.

As annoying it was, I felt blessed. So I grabbed a 12-pack of Rolling Rock and traveled to the House on Five Mile. I kicked it with my old roommates, along with Double A – Bri’s new friend.

After a few rounds of pool, we all went to bed.