Poke Post: Pokemon Go ‘Water Festival’

Image via Pokemon.com

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any Pokemon-related news. According to a release from Pokemon.com, starting today, Pokemon Go is having a “Water Festival,” event until March 29. That means more water type Pokemon will be in Pokemon Go. That means you could see a Squirtle at the gym, a Magikarp at the grocery store or a Totodile at the baseball field – though given the recent rain and snow that wouldn’t surprise me because the CHS baseball field is pretty wet.

This is a pretty cool event that kind of came out of nowhere. This week I’ve got Cheney boy’s tennis and baseball, so I might come across some water Pokemon in the field. If I do, I’m naming them after the coaches.

On a somewhat related note, I recently passed the 500 mark on “Capture 1,000 Pokemon in 2017” challenge.

Poke Post: Pokemon Hunting on St. Patrick’s Day

I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick’s Day – if celebrate it that is. I had a good evening filled with fun, friends some consumption of adult beverages. Before I ventured out to the pubs, I played a little bit of Pokemon Go and caught some Pokemon.

Whenever I hunt for Pokemon on holidays, I try and come up with a theme. This time it was nicknaming every Pokemon I caught after something Irish.

In many cases, I named Pokemon after famous people – like the first Mankey I caught and I named it after Katie Taylor (Katie To.) or an Eevee who became Sheamus, after the WWE superstar.

Others I went the beer route. I named a Xatu after Guinness and a Swinub after Harp.


Most of the Pokemon I caught were before I went out, but there were some I caught in the pub. Of course I didn’t venture out to catch Pokemon after I drank. That’s not a good idea – at all.

It was a short, but fun day of Pokemon catching. Right now I’m at 464 of my goal to catch 1,000 Pokemon in 2017.

Here’s a full list of Pokemon I caught on St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Rhyhorn (Mickey) 321
  • Venonat (McGladden) 227
  • Rattata (Mick) 49
  • Mankey (Katie To.) 361
  • Swinub (Mcmanus) 89
  • Snubbull (Bono) 137
  • Natu (Pint) 35
  • Flareon (Sheamus) 1,614 Evolved from Eevee
  • Mankey (Aidan) 398
  • Swinub (Harp) 337
  • Eevee (Finnigan) 258
  • Xatu (Guinness) 979
  • Primeape (Morgan) 988 Evolved from Primeage
  • Spinarak (Wee Web) 43
  • Sentret (Ballor) 108
  • Geodude (Blarney) 548
  • Makney (Aisling) 420
  • Zubat (Duffy) 197

Poke Post: Pokemon hunting on the birthday

I’ve been out of the office this week, doing birthday stuff and getting plenty of rest. One of the things I did on Wednesday was hunt Pokemon at Manito Park in Spokane. I’ve found Pokemon in downtown Spokane on numerous trips, but I’ve never hunted at Manito.

After capturing some Pokemon downtown, including a Cyndaquil, I ventured to Manito where I came across many an Omynatie. At one point I was surrounded by three Pokemon and caught most of them, including Ripley here.


It was a fun day and a good way to get closer to my goal of 1,000 Pokemon in 2017.

Here’s the Pokemon I found:

Eevee (INB) 208
Snubbull (Alexa Bliss) 130
Dunsparce (Cozza) 64
Cyndaquil (El Corazon) 470
Snubbull (Maab) 256
Snubbull 400
Nidoran F 422
Senteret 78
Eevee 59
Omnanyte 745
Omnanyte 448
Omnanyte 344
Natu 245
Hoothoot 244
Omnanyte (Ripley) 853
Omnanyte 175
Natu 206
Natu 234
Natu 398
Clefairy 654
Nidoran M 86
Psyduck 412
Oddish (Manito) 556
Sandshrew (Sandy)543
Spinarak 220
Clefairy 224
Pikachu 300
Venonat 430
Hoothoot (Wings) 371
Spinarak 262
Growlithe 206
Sentret 40
Hoothoot 319
Spinarak 275
Eevee 138
Snubbull 104
Pidgey 277
Natu 37
Nidoran F 10
Nidoran F 404
Sentret 240
Girafarig 23
Eevee 554

Poke Post: Pokemon Hunting on President’s Day


Tonight I went out and did some Pokemon hunting around the Eastern Washington University campus. I’ve said this before, but one of the cool things about living near a university is that there are plenty of Pokestops.

After the recent Pokemon Go update, it looks like many of the Pokemon that spawn near EWU include Spinarak and Hoothoot – both of which I love, Sentret, Snubbull and Murkrow. I also found a Cyndaquil a couple of days ago.

Sunkern 24
Sentret 308
Gastly 294
Murkrow 18
Eevee 333
Snubbull 164
Sentret 231
Spinarak 234
Spinarak 128
Snubbull 251
Sentret 281
Eevee 473
Sentret 262
Sentret 63
Hoothoot 217
Venonat 288
Sentret 284
Hoothoot 215