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Summer health advice from owlsandacorns

During some town time, I came across some health tips from the Tumblr owlsandacorns during the summer. There are some good tips in here and you bet I’ll be using them.

Since summer time is upon us and it’s already hot af, I decided to compile some health tips for you:
• Know your limits. Unless you’re used to it, don’t try to spend six hours outside in direct sunlight and 90° heat.
• That said, try putting cold water on your hat.
• Wear sunblock (it’s not always necessary but a good idea).
• Also wear sunblock while swimming. I know this from experience.
• OFF: Deep Woods is the best bug spray. You’re welcome.
• Don’t like the Bug Spray Smell™? ‘Cutter’ makes some that doesn’t stink and it works pretty well, too.
• Drink water. Gatorade is also good.
• Aloe Vera is your spiky friend.
• Can’t grow Aloe? Most stores sell Aloe gel- store it in the fridge (or ice cooler for on the go) 😉
• drink water
• Don’t worry about all this “summer body” bs. No one’s judging you. And if they are, they’re assholes. Rise above it.
• Going swimming/snorkeling/scuba diving? Bring light but good snacks- saltine crackers, applesauce (best cold), bottled water, sugary fruit (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, etc)
• The ocean is a big place, with lots of neat stuff in it. There’s also lots of currents. Use the buddy system and don’t get too far from the boat (check regularly to make sure you don’t).
• Don’t go on beaches/swimming during storms or squalls
• Pick up your trash, please. There’s probably going to be other people around you or will be there after you, and no one likes to pick up trash someone else left behind.
• I cannot emphasize this enough: drink. water. If you don’t, you will get a monster headache, be dizzy, nauseous, and miserable. If it gets severe enough, you can black out and require hospitalization, where you will get an IV. It’s more common than you think.
• And perhaps the most important thing: enjoy yourself. Don’t spend time with people who drag you down or make fun of you. If they do, dump their asses and go eat ice cream on the beach or whatever you like to do like the beautiful, awesome bitch you are.
This concludes me trying to be helpful. Have fun and stay hydrated this summer, my guys, gals and nonbinary pals ✌


Peace is not something you wish for

AH Police Dept. adding K9 unit

Note: This was a story I wrote for the Feb. 9 issue of the Cheney Free Press. I was honored to meet Officer Ziegler and Austin.

While the Airway Heights Police Department is adding four officers to its ranks in 2017, it is also bringing on an additional member of the four-legged variety.

The department is adding another K-9 unit to its roster. In a January interview, Chief Lee Bennett explained the department has two patrol teams, with each one working four, 10-hour shifts. Officer Mike Ziegler and his canine partner, Austin, make up Airway Heights’ current K9 unit. Although Ziegler conducts regular patrols like any officer, he will sometimes have to come in on his days off and bring in Austin when they need him.

“The benefit is we’ll have a K-9 unit every single day and that will cut down on my calls from home,” Ziegler said.

To read the rest of the story, follow the link.

For those marching today …

For those who are marching in demonstrations across the U.S., whether it’s at Washington D.C. or in your neck of the woods, make your voices heard. It’s your right.

More importantly, be safe out there. – Al

Text to Crisis Text Line

I saw this on a friend’s Facebook earlier. This is a great thing the Crisis Text Line is doing. When someone is going through a crisis, it’s hard for them to speak out loud about it.

If you’re feeling suicidal or going through a personal crisis, call the National Suicide Hotline or text START to 741-741. You are worth it.

Photography: August Garden of the Month

ML Garden of the Month 8 - Copy

Yesterday afternoon I took some photos of the Medical Lake Kiwanis Garden of the Month for August. These folks were nice enough to let me in their yard and snap some photos. I’m not too much into flowers – the whole allergies thing – but I do like the stone gnomes and decorations that people put in their yard.

ML Garden of the Month 7 - Copy

ML garden of the Month 6

ML Garden of the Month 2

ML Garden of the Month 1

ML Garden of the Month 4

Westwood Middle School – Seaperch Nationals


Westwood Middle School students Collin Novo and Carter Lefler of Aqua Troopers finished 57th out of 92 middle schools that competed at the 2016 National SeaPerch Challenge at Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge Louisiana in May.

Lefler and Novo, the first two Westwood students to compete at a national SeaPerch competition, finished with a score of 170. In individual events, the Aqua Troopers scored 74 points on the challenge event, 64 on the obstacle course and 32 on the poster.

According to its website, SeaPerch is a program that equips teachers and students with resources to build an underwater remotely operated vehicle – ROV. Students build the ROV from a kit comprised of low-cost, easily accessible parts and follow a curriculum that teaches engineering and science concepts with a marine engineering theme.

Lefler and Novo qualified for the national competition after winning the sixth annual Inland Northwest SeaPerch Challenge at the Eastern Washington University pool, Feb. 27. The team’s registration fees were paid by the school district.

“It was a positive experience for them,” Westwood SeaPerch coach Karen Runyon said, referring to Novo’s and Lefler’s time at the national competition.

For the challenge event, Novo and Lefler scored points by having their ROV transport whiffle balls into a submerged or floating area. For the obstacle course, the team had to successfully maneuver their vehicle through a series of rings in different positions.

Prior to the national competition, Runyon said the team attached a removable net to the ROV to help them transport the balls for the challenge event. When they arrived at nationals, officials informed them they had to keep the net on their ROV for both events. This would have made it difficult for the vehicle to maneuver through the rings, which Runyon said were 18 inches in diameter – a change form last year’s competition.

“The students came up with the idea to collapse the net and shortened the PVC pipes,” Runyon said. “Our ROV worked great, nothing broke.”

Teams also had to present a poster where they documented the process of building their ROV and shared the problems and solutions they came across leading up to the competition.

Runyon said Novo and Lefler had the opportunity to meet teams from across the United States, Australian and New Zealand, as well as learn different designs and modifications they could make to their ROVs.

“Some of the teams that won the competition have more access to pools so they can practice,” Runyon said.

As for next year, Runyon said the SeaPerch club is trying to find different ways of letting high school students, who were previously involved with the club, to come back and help the new team members. The teams will also work on different strategies and purchase more components.

Runyon said she would also like to hold a practice competition between the Cheney Middle School and Westwood teams.

“Most of the kids who enter the competitions are driving the ROVs in the pool for the first time,” Runyon said. “That’s something I am going to look into next year.”