Ben Drowned: The Full Story

You’ve heard the story, you’ve listened to the creepypasta, and you’ve seen the gameplay footage… but do you know just how deep the Ben Drowned experience truly runs? Step inside for a trip to meet the Moon Children, and get in on the secrets of the Jadusable ARG.


Just be yourself

The purpose of of life my love is to feel

The purpose of life is not to just be happy. The purpose of life my love, is to feel. You must understand that your pain is essential.
— Christopher Poindexter

Marloes Coenen: The Last Goodbye

Cynthia, a photographer, videographer and editor who has worked in mixed martial arts, dropped this short documentary about former Strikeforce world champion Marloes Coenen, who recently retired from MMA.

I’ll let Vance’s description speak for itself,”A tribute to retired mixed martial artist and pioneer Marloes Coenen, who’s career spanned over 16 years. Throughout her ups and downs, she has been widely recognized as one of the most important figures in women’s MMA, having represented female fighters in every major promotion before they were recognized as more than a sideshow to their male counterparts. She retired with a 23-8 record.”

It’s a good piece of work that is fitting for a champion like Coenen.

Cooking Beef Stroganoff


Today, I used my slow cooker for the first time to make beef stroganoff. This is one of my favorite dishes to eat and make, but this was the first time I’d use a slow cooker.

I threw in a can of cream of mushroom soup and stew beef into the slow cooker. About eight hours later, I added some sour cream and cooked the noodles.


Other than adding too much sour cream, I thought this dish turned out pretty good.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer

World of Warcraft’s next expansion has been announced – Battle for Azeroth.

The Horde and Alliance are once again at odds – Sylvannas Windrunner leading the Horde and Anduin Wrynn helms the Alliance. I don’t know the exact conflict that led to this battle, though it appears the Alliance is trying to retake Lordearon. There also has to be some other forces at work.

I want to thank everyone for being in my life