PKMN Trainer Cards

These are the trainer cards and Pokemon that I’ve used for the main game series, as well as online battling.

My Kalos team that I mainly use: Greninja (Pystol), Pikachu (Tyrion), Pyroar (Ronda), Yvetal (Dave), Simisage (Bas) and Butterfree (Carlton).

My Omega Ruby team that I beat the game with: Pikachu/Pikachue Libre (Sasha), Bellossom (Charla), Swampert (Pystoll), Mightyena (Rampage), Swellow (Cormier) and Gardevoir (Jo’Anna)

My Pokemon Yellow team: Pikachu, Charizard, Venusaur, Pidgeot, Blastoise and Butterfree

My Soul Silver team: Feraligator (Ron), Weepingbell (Go’El), Vulpix (Teddy), Lugia (Luigi), Ampharos (Bronn) and Beedrill (George)

My team for the Kanto Classic: Charizard (Bartolo), Gengar (Ectoplasma), Lickitung (Sunny), Dragonite, Poliwrath (Tyson) and Golem.

2016 International Challenge March Masters Division team
My team for the 2016 International Challenge March Masters Division: Gardevoir (Jo’Anna), Rayquaza (Ray), Abamasnow, Goodra, Talonflame and Ludicolo.

Trainer Card Johto Classic Masters Division
My team for the Johto Classic Masters Division: Charizard (Bartolo), Raikou (Oberynn), Sandslash (Sandi), Gengar (Ectoplasma), Blastoise and Noctowl (Charlotte).

shinnoh classic
My team for the Shinnoh Classic Masters Division: Charmander (Rodrigo), Alakazam, Empoleon, Sandslash (Sandi), Gengar (Ectoplasma) and Raikou (Oberynn).

Al Stover's Trainer Card
My team for Pokemon Blue: Venusaur (Tanis), Butterfree (Xavier), Fearow (Kendrik), Nidoqueen (Baylee), Vaporeon (Big Eevee) and Ninetails (Sasha).

EWU Oct 7 tournament
My team for EWU Pokemon Tournament (Oct. 7): Froslass, Espeon (Rubick), Swampert (Pystol), Noivern, Bellossom (Charla) and Gengar (Ectoplasma).

My Alola team: Decidueye (Florinn), Raichu (Nash), Solgaleo (Jack O’Neil), Greninja, Snorlax (Bubba Ray) and Toucannon (Tyrande)

My Battle of Alola team: Whimsicott (Fluff), Hypno (Sleepy), Marowak (Clubba Lang), Crabrawler (Crab Hammer), Ribombee (Ribbo) and Rattikhan (Raticate).

EWU Pokemon tournament Jan 27
My team for the Jan. 27 EWU Pokemon Club Tournament: Decidueye (Florinn), Gardevoir (Jo’Anna), Tapu Fini (Mr. Fini), Rapidash (Shayna), Vaporeon (Big Eevee) and Sylveon.

Alola Friendly trainer card
My team for the Alola Friendly Tournament: Decidueye (Florinn), Toucannon (Tyrande), Snorlax (Bubba Ray), Tapu Fini (Mr. Fini), Buzzwole (Buff Bugwell) and Bewear.

My team for the 2017 International Challenge April competition: Raichu (Nash), Metagross, Incineroar, Silvally, Arcanine (Lanseril) and Toucannon (Tyrande).

My team for the Kanto X Alola Regional Rumble: Venusaur (Tanis), Hitmonchan (P. Honda), Ninetails (Sasha), Lapras (Marina), Starmie (Jessamyn) and Silvally.

Trainer card No Holds Barred

My team for the No Holds Barred competition: Espeon (Rubik), Sylveon, Umbreon, Leafon, Salamance and Swampert (Pystol).

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