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Bullet Club Taking Over


Bullet Club TakingĀ Over

Plus AJ Styles beating John Cena clean and The Club winning by DQ.


Theater: Being The Elite Episode 12

It’s another episode of “Being The Elite,” featuring the Bucks of Young and Kenny Omega. On this episode, Matt & Nick travel to Santiago, Chile to wrestle #BrokenMatt and #BrotherNero aka The Hardy Boyz and hopefully not get their feet eaten. Meanwhile, Kenny suffers a minor injury in Japan.

Podcast Theater: Going in Raw – Roman Reigns heel turn?

On this episode of “Going In Raw,” Steve and Larson discuss the fallout of this week’s “Raw” and the possibility of Roman Reigns turning heel.

Personally I’m thinking the whole rivalry with Reigns, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows is a fluke and they’re really in cahoots. This could be the start of a stable “The Roman Empire.”