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Let go, but never forget

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What I’ve learned from super heroes

This morning on Facebook, I saw radio host Darkness Dave post a status regarding  the life lessons he has heard from science fiction, specifically the different personality traits he has learned from different super heroes throughout his life.

I’ve listened to Dave’s show for years and he has become one of my heroes, especially when it comes to interviewing sources.

Yet there is something to what he said about being inspired by super heroes. Some think that the idea of super heroes and silly and we should be focusing on the real heroes in our lives. There’s nothing wrong with that. The efforts of police officers, firemen, doctors, and folks in the military are inspiring and should be looked at in the same vein we regard the modern day gods of fiction. However, I think it’s also fine to be inspired by fictional characters in capes, costumes and masks. I’ll bet there are plenty of real life heroes who were inspired by super heroes.

So in homage to Darkness Dave, I will list the different traits and lessons I have learned from heroes. Some of these lessons I have learned from more than one hero.

Superman has taught me that it’s fine to be nice and forgiving in situations. He has also shown me that it’s important to do the right thing.

Spider-man has taught me that great power does in deed come with great responsibility.

Batman has taught that dedication, observation, hard work can help prepare you to face any challenge.

Wonder Woman taught me that it’s important to venture into the unknown, but still keep to your roots.

Green Lantern has taught me how to use imagination and willpower to overcome obstacles. They – all four of them – have also shown me that you are going to encounter people of different races, shapes and sizes in your line of work.

Wolverine has taught me that you can recover from all kinds of scars if you’re given enough time. He has also shown me that there are times when you have to take the reins and be a leader.

The Flash has taught me that it’s okay – sometimes necessary – to go super fast, but sometimes you need to slow down and take in everything else before you act.

Aquaman has taught me that you should be yourself, even if the rest of the world is laughing at you and your abilities.

Martian Manhunter has taught me that it’s okay to be different because you’ll still find love from the people around you … that and cookies are delicious.

Deadpool has taught me that it’s fine to inject humor into the most serious of situations … and that chimichangas are delicious.

The Fantastic Four  has taught me that your coworkers and classmates can turn into your family, both in good and bad ways.

A Slice of Al – Feb. 19


It’s Wednesday and it’s time to reflect on this past week.

Driving lesson with Boo

This past week I showed some progress during my practice with Crystal. My parking has been improving and I did well driving in residential areas. The glasses have helped immensely. They have not only helped my depth perception on the road, but have also helped when it comes to reading.

Feeding the Soul

Prior to driving practice with Crystal, I went to Life Center North for their 9 a.m. service for the first time since June 2013. It’s not that I have anything against church, but I’ve been so busy that most of my Sunday sermons have come by way of Vimeo video. Although the Vimeo service was helpful while I was in Wolf Point, I knew I needed more human interaction. I needed to be there and hear the message straight from the pastor’s mouth.

I don’t necessarily go to church because I fear that the Lord is going to ground me or put me over his knee. Rather, I go to feed my soul and be around loving people.

To paraphrase Mick Foley, I’m not a fan of the “Fire and Brimstone” Jesus. I love the dude who is willing to hang out with what we consider wretches of society and preach that we all love each other.

“Wisdom of the Shire”

I am almost done with Noble Smith’s “Wisdom of the Shire.” Like a lot of books that use pop culture to talk about wisdom, Smith weaves bits from J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpieces and applies them to different aspects of our lives

“Guardians of the Galaxy” trailer

Enough about my life, let’s talk about the “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Although it’s a risky move for Marvel to take a lesser-known franchise and make it into a movie, I think it could open up new doors for other cosmic characters. Who knows, we could end up seeing The Infinity Gauntlet storyline made into a film.

Yeah that might be a bit of a stretch, but I’m sure that was the same mindset of a lot of people when someone brought up the idea of an Avengers movie.


Other notes:

I wrote an Op/Ed piece on Governor Jay Inslee’s moratorium on the death penalty. You can read it in a couple of days on The Cheney Free Press website.

Wrote a story for Galentine’s Day about my friend Jasmine (thank you all for liking that)
Al’s Slice Question of the Week: what are some ways you feed your soul?