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Be real, be yourself, be happy

This quote from Zig Ziglar is pretty self-explanatory when you sit there and read it.

I’ve found that it’s always better to be yourself than trying to be someone you’re not. Over the years, people have been more receptive to me when I’m myself or I present myself in a genuine manner. I don’t know what it is, but people tend to enjoy talking to me and like the stuff I enjoy talking about, even if it’s a bit nerdy or outside of their wheelhouse. Likewise, I enjoy when a person is presenting themselves to me as they would anyone else – it’s not easy but you showing your true self, makes spending time with them that more special.

It’s also good to be honest with others. Some people may not like some of the things you have to say, but they’ll appreciate you being upfront when you have a problem with them. I’ve unfortunately had times when I should have been honest with people when I had an issue or saw something I felt they shouldn’t have been doing and I didn’t say anything. There’s one instance I think I could have prevented a close friend from ruining his professional and business life had I said something to him about the issue.

You also have to humble. That doesn’t mean don’t tell others about your accomplishments, but you shouldn’t rub it in people’s faces. Most of the time when you achieve success, there are others who have helped you along the way. And there are other occasions where you did things on your own. It’s fine to say that too, but don’t let that ruin your relationship with others.

Most importantly, you have to be happy. I’ve learned that being happy in mind will benefit you in other areas, personally and professionally.


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More wise words from Jodi Kisstien

Here are some wise words from an old school friend Jodi. She also gave some context in a Facebook post below.

“There have been countless times that I have been guilty of not doing something I said I was going to. Whether it be a change of heart, paralyzed by fear or the amount of work it will take, or not thinking I can actually make it work. It still happens to me and is something I think majority of us will go through for the rest of our lives. Living in fear and doubt is no way to live and you’ll end up with more regrets than moments you were proud of yourself. Perfectionism equally paralyzes you. But here’s the good news, we are all perfectly imperfect, we have to get messy before we can be good at anything. Strap on a rubber butt so that when you fall down you bounce right back up.”

Poke Post: Starting over with Pokemon Go – from level 29 to level 1


Starting over is never easy, even if it’s something as trivial as a video game.

Last week, the mobile network for my phone when out and in an attempt to fix the issue, I performed a factory reset on my phone, losing all of my data, including the progress I made on Pokemon Go in the last year. That means all of my Pokemon, my Pokedex entries, gym badges I had accumulated was gone. I was level 29 and a proud member of Team Valor and now I was reduced to level 1.

You’re probably thinking “Al, didn’t you have a trainer login?” I made numerous attempts to log into my old account, but for some reason, my trainer account and password didn’t work.

After several futile attempts, I bit my lip and decided to start from scratch.

It’s a daunting task to start over, but if I’ve learned one thing from playing Pokemon all of these is that when a journey – or in this case a playthrough – ends, another one begins.


It’s been a little over a week since I started my new Pokemon journey and I’m only level 6. I once chose Pikachu as my starter and when I learned she was a female, I named her after Becky Lynch, one of my favorite wrestlers.

Fifteen minutes before work, I walked around downtown Ritzville and captured my first Pokemon, a Venonat, which had a Combat Power of 11. I managed to capture a few more Pokemon before I entered the office.

Last Saturday, I hatched my first Pokemon from an egg, which was a Krabby. The cool aspect about hatching a Krabby was the powerful pincher was also the first Pokemon I hatched from an egg in my original playthrough.


I struggled a little bit during the first few days of my playthrough. In the beginning, I told myself I didn’t really want to put in the work to get back to level 29 or in some instances I told myself “I don’t need to play Pokemon Go to walk.”

But the more Pokemon I caught, the more I was motivated to continue this new Pokemon playthrough.

One of the good things about playing this game a second time is I can do things differently than my first playthrough, such as changing my walking buddies when I get enough Pokemon candy to evolve them.

Playing through this game a second time allows me to implement different themes and stipulations. For this playthrough I’ve decided when I evolve my Pokemon, it will be the only Pokemon of that species I use, unless I catch something more powerful.

I still have a way to go in this new Pokemon journey – I’m not even at level 10 yet. But I’m looking forward to the challenges and trials that come my way.