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Gail Kim retires as Impact Knockouts Champion

Impact star Gail Kim added one more piece of hardware to her trophy case after she defeated Sienna to win the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion. Kim is set to hang up her boots and become a producer for Impact, so it was cool seeing her capture one more title before she retired.


Fight Theater: Asuka vs. Dana Brooke

The debuting Asuka starts her historic undefeated streak against Dana Brooke at NXT Takeover Respect. This would be an impressive showing for Asuka and the beginning of a fantastic run in NXT for the Empress of Tomorrow.

NXT Women’s Champion Asuka

Money In The Bank Win Raises Carmella’s Stock

Note: This is a column I wrote for Creators.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Carmella and James Ellsworth being paired together on “Smackdown Live,” when it first happened in January.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan Carmella’s ever since I saw her in NXT. When she was drafted to Smackdown Live, I thought it was a bit too soon but she’s grown as a performer in the last year. Putting her with Ellsworth didn’t make sense to me for awhile. I thought she had a good run with Nikki Bella and was coming along on her own that she didn’t really need a heater. But since they’ve been together, she’s had some big moments on the blue brand, including mixing it up with John Cena and Bella and pinning women’s champion Naomi twice.

Then I watched tonight’s Money in the Bank pay per view where Carmella won the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match – a first in WWE history – after Ellsworth climbed the ladder, grabbed the briefcase and unceremoniously dropped it in her hands.

Folks were upset at the finish. Obviously Carmella didn’t win the briefcase in the most honorable way – but it’s wrestling and heels cheat to win whether it’s by using an illegal object, distracting the referee or in this case, outside interference.

Storyline wise, the wrestlers from the match, as well as officials seemed just as angry at Ellsworth actions. In fact, Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan said he would address the situation on Tuesday so Carmella’s status as Ms. Money in the Bank may be up in the air.

Beyond the ring, fans are peeved because they felt this historical moment was tainted because Ellsworth, who is not a woman, retrieved the briefcase, seemingly robbing Carmella of her moment.

I would have loved to see Carmella climb up the ladder, unlock the briefcase and hoist that baby in the air, but this finish worked for me for a few different reasons.

Again, we’ve established Carmella is a heel and Ellsworth is her heater. Unlike the typical male-female wrestler pairing Ellsworth is not this imposing figure that will use brute force to win matches for his lady. He’s a manservant who will do Carmella’s bidding. We’ve seen heels get help from their valets or managers to win big matches – look at The Miz and Maryse.

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Alexa Bliss as No. 1 contender to Raw women title is a good thing

Note: This is a story I wrote for Champions.co

It didn’t take long for former Smackdown women’s champion Alexa Bliss to assert herself as one of Raw’s top women.

Bliss won a Fatal Fourway match against Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Nia Jax to become the No. 1 contender for the Raw women’s championship, currently held by Bayley. The two will clash on April 30 at Payback.

Bliss made her Raw debut last week as a part of the “Superstar Shakeup” to a star’s welcome. It wasn’t a surprise since there were reports that Bliss would be switching brands with Charlotte Flair. This is a great opportunity for the former Smackdown women’s champion to compete on another – and in some people’s opinion a bigger – stage.

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Charlotte Flair coming to Smackdown Live adds new chapter to her legacy

Note: This is a column I wrote for Champions

WWE had their “Superstar Shakeup” this week with Monday Night Raw getting a plethora of Smackdown Live talent, including Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose, former women’s champion Alexa Bliss and Mickie James.

However I think the blue brand came away with the biggest acquisition in the form of former four-time Raw women’s champion and “The Queen” Charlotte Flair.

Flair has been the foundation of WWE’s women’s division for the last two years after the company’s women’s resolution. She won the Divas champion and being the last wrestlers to hold that title before WWE changed the belt to the women’s championship.

Since then, Flair had held what became the Raw women’s championship four times and has had classic matches with Sasha Banks and Bayley – rivals and friends from her development days. Together, along with Smackdown’s Becky Lynch, they made up the “Four Horsewomen of NXT.”

During Charlotte’s last appearance on Raw, she was in a six-woman tag team match where Nia Jax dropped her on her head. According to reports, Flair was fine backstage.

Some folks may not like Flair going to Smackdown because she had some unfinished business on Raw with Jax and her former protegee Dana Brooke. However, being on Smackdown Live gives The Queen an opportunity to shine on a new stage.

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Fight Theater: Kelly Klein vs. Scarlett Bordeaux

This week’s Women of Honor features Kelly Klein defending her undefeated streak against Scarlett Bordeaux. This match has been a long time brewing.