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Going in Raw WWiF: Macho Man vs. HBK: The 2-Year Feud We Never Got!

Going in Raw’s Steve and Larson started a new series there they look at rumored WWF/E angles that never took place and simulate them on WWE 2K18. This week they look at the two-year feud Macho Man Randy Savage wanted to have with Shawn Michaels.

I remember Lanny Poffo talking about how his brother Randy wanted to have this angle with Shawn Michaels, but I never heard anything about the hair vs. career match or Savage starting the feud by cracking a champagne bottle over HBK’s head. Still, I think these two would have had a hell of a feud with great matches.




Triple H takes on Anonymous Bunny

A Lasskicker Fatal Four Way between The Samurai, Tony Stormm. Hollidead and Joanna Champion

Big in Japan’s Ari Omega takes on Nikki Cross in a steel cage


The card included six action packed matches – Big in Japan and Shinsuske Nakamura takes on SanITY.

Anna Crowe faces Queen

Mecha Santa battles Pumpkin Butcher in a title eliminator bout for the Destino Championship

In championship bouts: Genesis battles Ranch Man and Tye Dillinger to determine the first FCCW Champions.

Slammo the Clown defends the Haitch title against Finn Balor and Cedric Alexander.

In the main event Akira defends the Lasskicker championship against Officer Friendly.

Madden 18 Tournament Rd. 1: TJP vs. LUKE GALLOWS

In a matchup that might be TOO SWEET for the Internet, LUKE GALLOWS a.k.a. #NoNerds takes on the high-flying, video game-loving TJP a.k.a. MEGA TJP in a Raw-brand game for the ages!

Mojo Rawley vs. Jey Uso – Madden 18 Tournament

In a much-HYPED matchup, Jey Uso a.k.a. JUCEY UCEY puts his honor on the line as he takes on the master of hype himself, MOJO RAWLEY a.k.a. Mojo64!

Summer Rae speaks on her dream of being a WWE Diva

This last weekend, WWE announced a few cuts to their roster – Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae.

It’s never good to see a talent lose their job, especially when they’ve worked hard to make it to the WWE. Summer Rae came out with a statement on her Instagram about what achieving her dream of being a WWE Diva meant to her.

daniellemoinet: They say you’ll never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Well that wasn’t true in this situation. I knew the value of this moment, I knew the magnitude of this moment. I hear some of you say “but you didn’t become champ”, “you didn’t get the push you deserved”, “you didn’t get a title run”. But see, I got MY title. I became a WWE Diva.

In this picture above, my in ring debut on TV, I knew the value of that moment. In that moment I became a WWE Diva. I could take a small, very small breath of relief because I did it! For so many years I dreamt of stepping onto that main stage of Monday Night Raw & then getting into that ring with these strong, beautiful, smart & courageous women. I wanted to be one of them. I knew I could be one of them! I felt it SO deep down in my heart. Once it happened I of course set more goals for myself within the company & trained harder to reach them. But the people that flood my comments with these things that I ‘should have’ gotten — you guys are missing the overall dream that I achieved. That I went to Monday Night RAW as a fan & sat in the crowd & watched the girls & wanted that more than anything I had ever felt in my body ever before. Then, I did it. I did it. 😊 I’ve wrestled in over 15 countries on 4 continents & made friends in fans all over the world. I have had the opportunity to live out my dream! And that is because God blessed me with obtaining my dream through hard work & determination. So please don’t fight with one another about me & start boards about Justice for Summer Rae. Know that I DID IT! I am a WWE Diva, a WWE Superstar. And no one will ever be able to take that away from me!

The picture she refers to in the post is of her and Fandango – she came up to the main roster as his dance partner. She’s various roles over the years, being BFFs with Sasha Banks, managing Rusev for a spell. Some may not like everything Summer Rae did on TV, but she got to live her dream and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

I tip my coffee glass to Summer Rae and I hope she does great things in the future.

New wrestlers for FCCW

After I came home from Spokane, I played a lot of WWE 2K18. While my main goal was to accumulate enough points to unlock Eddie Guerrero – which I did before I left to get dinner – I also added some more wrestlers to my FCCW roster.

This one is KFD Monkey – or Kung Fu Death Monkey when it’s spelled out. I named the character after one of the beers I tried at the Lantern Taphouse. When I designed the character, I tried to give him a kung fu outfit, but the only monkey part is the mask. The create a superstar mode doesn’t allow certain outfits to go together, which is OK.

I also gave Kung Fu Death Monkey a striker-type move set.

The next few wrestlers were creations I downloaded.

Anna Crowe

I love Crowe’s look and her moveset is great. I want to say I found her on the GoingInRaw hashtag or Vampire hastag, but I’m not 100 percent sure.

Denise Hurricane

Hurricane came as a set with two other wrestlers, but I couldn’t download them because they contain moves of superstars I haven’t unlocked yet.

Azrael Savage

I believe I found Savage from the Going in Raw hastag. He has a good look and his entrance is Bobby Roode’s, which I love. The only conflicting nature is I use Roode’s theme for Brother Cronin, but I can change it. Or maybe Savage will join Genisis.

BAD Wrestling: The Birth of Ted

It’s a new episode of Best Action Dojo Wrestling. Space Horse 5000 has already quaified for the Haitch belt challenge. Now Steve and Larson will hold a tournament to see who will challenge him. One of these competitors if Ted.